Truth Lies and Character

Embrace the truth, reject lies and edify character as an excellent virtue.

The New America: by James Jett

Posted by James Jett on November 8, 2006

I watched Lou Dodds on CNN Wednesday (2 Nov. 2006) and decided that the Middle-class need to get more involved in nominating candidates for elections and influencing the issues. We can just spend our time engaging in our daily activities, while the people engaged in politics plan everything that’s important in our lives, or we can take a part in selecting the candidate for office. It is clear to me now, the new people coming to America, both legal and illegal will decide the future of this country. All though the whites maybe half of the population in the next 20 years, the votes they cast will be only one third of the total. Because the other identifiable goups will tend to vote as a block, while the whites split their votes. Witness the reports on the votes cast by the Hispanis in Tuesday Election.


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