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Certificate of Recognition

Posted by James Jett on November 15, 2006

pic00001.jpg (JPEG Image, 2338×1700 pixels) – Scaled (34%)
This is the Certificate Of Recognition for service during the Cold War. It is available to those who served from (2 September 1945 – 26 December 1991) in promoting peace and stability for this nation. you can apply for this Certificate, if you were in the military during that period, by senting a copy of your DD-214. ( I am sure you know, (never send your original copy to any one). If you served as a civilian, use the link, Cold War Certificate. Maybe if you apply this week, your certificate will be signed by Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld, or you can wait and some one else will sign your’s.


One Response to “Certificate of Recognition”

  1. mopspops said

    To get the Image uploaded I clicked on the Cold War Certificate and uploaded it to the post. Placed it in the post, clicked on Icon to move it to the right. Every thing worked like a well oiled clock until I bumped the bottom keys on my key-board. In a puff every thing disappeared. I know I can get help—but I need to at least wonder what happened.
    Sooo, just click on the jpg image at the top of the post and then tell me why WordPress said “its the wrong type of file” try again. I uploaded 5 images unaware the program was working.

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