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A Nation of Laws: by James Jett

Posted by James Jett on December 2, 2006

Everything I do or say, tend to be influenced by my belief that this is a nation of laws, not a nation of men. Yet daily, I hear or read about illegal immigrants receiving aid while violating the laws, both State and Federal. Illegal-immigrants go about their daily lives in both work and play, knowing that a group of Americans can be counted on, to protect them as long as they work for the rich and powerful.

If the reports are true, acts that will land a citizen in jail, is forgiven the illegal immigrants. When I process this, in the six inches between my ears, I wonder why citizens and voters tolorate foreigners breaking our laws just to make the rich, richer. The voters in this country should be aware of the growing number of law-breakers. People with permission to break one law will not obey other laws. So one day we will wake up afraid to go out in the street. I have been in that type of neighborhood. Waring, never crave it, or permit it. Please ignore the libber media, when they tell you; illegal immigrants can and should be tolorated for the good of the economic. This country will prosper as long as we maintain a healty respect for its laws and its citizens.


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  1. rachel said

    my clock board says midnight. what does yours say?

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