Truth Lies and Character

Embrace the truth, reject lies and edify character as an excellent virtue.

Armistice to Discharge: by James Jett

Posted by James Jett on December 10, 2006

The Korean War Armistice were signed, July 27, 1953. Just 17 days before my discharge from the Military in Camp Breckinridge, Ky. At the time of the signing, I was half way between Japan and the USA. The announcement came over the ship’s speakers, just as we crossed the halfway point. After arriving in the States, a Soldier from my Outfit, (187th Airborne Regimental Combat Team) at Camp Chickamauga in Beppu, Japan; but not in the same company, came on the ship behind me and arrived in Camp before I departed for home. Hunter, (the soldier) told me my Company, (Company “L”), returned to the Front Lines and in a fire fight, my Company Commander “Got-It”, meaning he was killed by enemy-fire along with others in Company “L”.

We looked at each other, then both looked, first down at the ground and then toward the Sky. I said a prayer without knowing if he were sure about the information. that’s why I looked Sky-ward. I think, Hunter looked, because the Sun in our eyes, was bothering me. I slowly walked away in one direction and Hunter went in the other, we both knew; not to talk about that any more, I never saw Hunter again.


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