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They Fought The Last Battle

Posted by James Jett on December 11, 2006

My promise in the last Post that it would be the end discussion on Medal and Ribbons are true, this Post is about the men that earned them. After the Armistice went into effect, combat continued in many area on the MLR (Main Line of Resistance). Many reports record over a 100 men died in combat after July 27, 1953; and they do not qualify for the ROK Korean Service Medal. Which is for service,25 June 1950 to July 27, 1953. Many Veteran and Vet. Organizations support the effort to get the cut-off date changed or a ruling from the people with that responsibility.

I will support the effort to get them included in with those of us who have or will receive this Medal and Ribbon. If you find the above information to be factual; and you can see your way clear: Please contact your Congressman. As time pass, I will update the information in this Blog, as needed.


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