Truth Lies and Character

Embrace the truth, reject lies and edify character as an excellent virtue.

Illegal to Hope

Posted by James Jett on December 20, 2006

Listening to the young man on the news, stating that he know it is wrong to steal some one else’s identity; but “you have to do, what you have to do“.  And looking back to the day the big march occurred; with all the flags from other countries, carried by people getting close to the camera demanding super-rights; above that enjoyed by us regular CITIZENS.

Compare that time to now, today, the pass week in cities, countries, and states, legislation were enacted that will decrease the number of illegal immigrants; in this Great Country with it’s door mat out 24/7 as long as you enter legally.

Credit for the needed changes; go to all the TV and Radio reports that is keeping the public informed and the Elected Officials feet to the hot fire ignited in the last election by the VOTERS.  And yeoman reporting by the Great Blogs, posting on the subject daily.


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