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VA Application Needs

Posted by James Jett on December 20, 2006

Every thing I need to apply for; require a copy of my DD214. I have a copy in a folder on my Notebook, so I can print or fax it; which ever is best. I suggest that you print a few copies and mail to other relatives and ask them to file them with other important papers. This is your insurance against a fire or flood at your house or the(NPRC) building, where all copies of your records are stored. 

 The good news is this DD214 is all you need to apply for most benefits and services. Bad news? it will not aid you in upgrading your Awards, you need a report from at least two people who can vouch for your actions at the time you earned the Award.  The National Personnel Records Center (NPRC) site will direct you to the site where you can file an application for upgrading your Awards. Knowing that my records are destroyed, I hope I can find letters, or any part of my records that will enable me to apply for an upgrade. It can be a letter some one wrote home to his or her Mother, and mentioned you; and your action that resulted in you receiving the award.  You can file for your records by selecting NPRC in the Blogroll.


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