Truth Lies and Character

Embrace the truth, reject lies and edify character as an excellent virtue.

The day after Christmas

Posted by James Jett on December 27, 2006

Answered prayers, my wife came back home today; after spending most of this month with the Grandchildren in New Jersey. That means, that I have been Home-alone. Not totally alone, because the Grandchildren that live fourteen minutes away; or one of their parents would come over once or twice each week. On Thanksgiving and Christmas they pick me up; take me to their home and feed me a delicious meal. After dinner I help with the five year old’s lesson, then someone would bring me home. On Christmas I was picked up around 2:pm , tools in hand; because the Five year old called and requested that I show up with my tools, because the toys had to be assembled; and Mom nor dad could do it.  I finished most before dinner, with just two to complete after dinner. Then I opened my presents.

Now I have proof that as my three Childrens  get older,  they are less alert.  For this reason, a week before Christmas my wife told us to drive her car because it would be in the garage for a month; so they took the car, drove it maybe twice and put it in their garage and put my son-in-laws’ SUV out in the parking area. On Christmas day after dinner when I finished the toys and got ready to come home I could have drove my wife’s car, but no one thought about it; so they drove me home. My Kids are getting old, but I could care less;    MY WIFE IS HOME.


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