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Business to Burial

Posted by James Jett on January 12, 2007

In the earlier post, I discussed the need to get a place for buried and start or increase my family businesses to ensure a bright future for my Grandchildren. I also stated that I would record the results of my efforts for all to read. Therefore I will keep my word. Just one commitment from you, read my Disclaimer above!

A place to rest

Yes, I called 1-800-827-1000 and talked to a person in New Jersey, I am in Ohio, Very willing to help, answered all my questions, no surprises. I had one last question: Can I be buried in the National Cemetery nearest me even if it’s in the State next to me?. The Answer: call or visit the National Cemetery and tell them “I live in Ohio can I be buried in this cemetery?”. (substitute your state for Ohio) Understand! some cemeteries has a shortage of grave sites, some are down to cremation only. You can glean this information by research at the Veterans Affairs Site.


Mostly, I been on the phone with Sons and Daughter, discussing the best rules to follow in selecting the products or services, we wish to market. Mean time, I have a comment on the post: Veterans Business and Benefits, from Ken Larson, Volunteer Counselor, with the Service Corps of Retired Executives,(SCORE). Please read the comment and click on SCORE in the Blogroll to visit his site. This is what I am reading each day alone with information I have compiled over the years. Hopefully this will give you more information in your people planing.


4 Responses to “Business to Burial”

  1. Ian said

    Quick question; as burial insurance has been on my mind lately.

    I have kids – from 6-9, should I go with a standard, of the shelf burial insurance policy?

    Any advice would be great. Thanks!

  2. mopspops said

    Ian, I have licenses to write insurance in the state of Ohio, and I retired ten years ago. Since I have no information about your net worth, I can only tell you what I would tell my Grandchildren’s Parents. “Its is indeed good to know a Parent is concern about their children. So here is what I would think about in my planing for an untimely death. If you or your wife die, you will need money or insurance to pay for the expenses until your last child enters college or get a job. work with some one you trust to determine amount needed. Check your cash savings, if you have the money in the account, keep it until needed, if not, insurance could be the answer. Now I would look for the best term-insurance, out there, and cover both me and my wife for the amount required.

  3. Ian said

    Well, what about a policy for my kids?

    I read this recently, and it made me think about a policy for my kids, as I do have a policy and some savings from work.

    Have you heard of this company?

    Any advice would be great. thanks!

  4. James Jett said

    The best insurance for children, living at home with their parents, is love and education.
    I raised my three children thinking that if one of them got hurt because of my ignorance or unwillingness to act, God would not forgive me, so I burned the night oil.
    To answer your question, yes I have placed coverage in that company. The best test, is the company licensed to sell insurance in the state you live in? . My grandchildren have a very small amount of life insurance and everything else is a saving for the best education possible.

    By the way, I clicked in your e-store, well done and easy to browers,

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