Truth Lies and Character

Embrace the truth, reject lies and edify character as an excellent virtue.

Burial Place

Posted by James Jett on January 20, 2007

Two national cemetery and one state cemetery located in Ohio. The state cemetery, Ohio Veterans Home Cemetery located in Sandusky, Ohio and the National cemetery, Ohio Western Reserve National Cemetery located in Rittman, Ohio and the other one, Dayton National Cemetery, located in Dayton, Ohio. Pictured above is our first course, we can change our minds once we visit the sites. Presently, all information is word-of-mouth and Web Site information. Both national cemeteries have space available to accommodate caskets and cremated remains.

Yes issues! always issues, so let me state up front, I believe this country is suffering from a heavy load of political correctness, at the same time trying to be both fair and just. Therefore when I apply for any benefit I make sure I know the rules by which I can qualify. Now I will be mindful of the wife and children that is without food and clothes, because the veteran died and she is unable to work.

My plans are to work with some of the veteran groups, in Ohio I met a group of Rakkasans (Paratroopers) they asked me to join the organization, maybe I will, if their concerns are the benefits, due veterans and their love ones. With the slow, but show progress I am making in my effort to restore my records, my needs are very few. The medical report last months from all my doctors are excellence. The same is true of my wife, we could both live for another twenty years, and will need exercise and healthy food, to stay active and mobile. To that end, I am in training, to fight Sugar Ray or Mike Tyson. I will take Mike, Sugar Ray hit you to many time in each round. Maybe I will post my picture in a boxing outfit this year, in honor of Veterans Day.


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