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Business Plan

Posted by James Jett on January 21, 2007

Land-line-phones, and face meeting, seem to be the best way to get to the agreements; that will put the best organization in place; to pursue the contracts and sub contracts; to sell produces and service to Federal, State and Local governments. Concern that a company which would depend on the government for its very existence, therefore would not be a good business model. This is what we considered.

One vote in the house or senate could end the business almost overnight. A change from the products or services we provide, could reduce the income and eliminate the capital needed for daily operations. A real and present concern for us to address.

Thus the assignment of duties, my son will recruit a lawyer, investment banker and an accountant. as a part of the officers to staff a Management company. I will find the products and service we can market to both the governments in this country, plus other customers here and abroad. Then, without any urge, void of any contact in the last five years, ( because I have been home or out of town) one of my associates called me about a business he thought I could help get up and running. Just the person I needed to speak with, because he market parts and barrings to China, therefore, He know the list of parts that can be legally shipped to China. His associate will arrive this weekend and we will meet on Saturday.


4 Responses to “Business Plan”

  1. kabababrubarta said

    Cool! kabababrubarta

  2. James Jett said

    thank you: Kabababrubarta

  3. me 4you said

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  4. James Jett said

    Thank you, “Me 4you” I will read your Blog this week and maybe learn why I saved all these bottles. Any bottle as long as it was one of a kind or few in number!

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