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Place to Rest

Posted by James Jett on January 30, 2007

As the year came to a close, I considered what had been accomplished and yet had to be worked on. As I looked at the picture of Ohio Western Reserve National Cemetery, it done on me, we will not be  bury at the same time, so I need to call and talk to someone because I want my wife buried next to me. This woman have been windowslivewritera7527378370f-5f5918-ohiowesternreserve.jpgsleeping next to me for over fifty-two years, you guess it! I want her near me after we are died. So I called, and nice lady identified herself and I started to talk: I need to get an understanding about procedures, I am a Korean veteran and I want my wife buried next to me–what if some one is on both side when my wife die? no, no, no, the lady said: “at the time of need, at the time of need”, that’s when you make the arrangements.  Now I know, when I die, my wife will have to arrange to reserve two grave sites and bury me in one and the other will be reserved for her. And that’s a good thing.

When we discuss the choices for a grave site we had to consider the convenient for the living relatives–how safe is the area, can you get to the graveyard now that most or all the people have moved? Yes we make every attempt to bury our relatives in the graveyard they select, or where we feel they would like to be if the choice is unknown. That said, We should also consider the living-relatives, what if they wish to visit the grave and the neighborhood is full of cut-throats and killers?. Surely, you don’t want your relatives to entered that type of neighborhood.

The sites we are considering is 200 miles away on average, our family visit, on-average, once per year, the distance is just a one day trip. As for the died, we may well be Omnipresence, and maybe not, it is God, who will decide. The last thing to do, before we can make the final decision, is visit the grave sites, that we will do, once the weather is clear and without snow.


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