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Saturday Meeting

Posted by James Jett on January 30, 2007

At the end of the last post, I stated that I had a meeting that coming Saturday, with a long time Associate, and some people he had been discussing a possible business with, during the last five or six years. He had made a comment, at the time we made the appointment: “There will be another one is that OK?” Thinking the “another-one” would be about the same business discussion I said yes and we ended the phone-talk. Saturday morning,9:am he arrived in a car with another gentlemen, and I invited them in, got to know the person’s name and made him welcome to my family-room. When the second gentlemen arrived I was quickly aware that I had agreed to two meetings—-Well he is here now, two birds with one stone.

The person that had planed to fly up from the South could not make it, so we had to put him on computer in the meeting. All I need to say about that is, what a way to save money and time. On the computer, he could ask questions, interrupt at any time, and just add to the conversation anything he deemed it to be useful. After the first two hours passed, discussing the business plan, I knew that I would try to help them to get started. Because this is a group of entrepreneurs with a plan to make money, but at the same time, it would help a large number of people that is qualified to work, have a good education and sometime the skills that is needed in the work place. Yet, they are hard to place, because they are disable.

Well here go my stay-at-home, work-in-the-yard and do research on the subject “How Man Create Problems for Himself. Because this is something I have had experience in implementing. The target-group is not the same as the target-group I funded, when I worked in an appointed position at the county level. That group had less education and were more disabled, therefore could not enjoy the chance for upward mobility, as much as the group this business will employ. Yet, they lived in the highest or the second highest income county in the State of Ohio. (88 counties in Ohio) So a group of concerned and caring citizens convinced the manufacturing and wholesale industrial in the area to help create jobs for the disabled, to give them some of the dignity and self-worth enjoyed by most of us. Some of the new employees could only count to–say twelve, yet could be employed. Because the local companies and the program managers had consider that handicap, and designed tubes or buckets that would hold only twelve bolts, or nuts, or washer, so that once the person put in as many as it would hold the other employee would take it and dump it in the container: it will be shipped in, and move it down the assembly line. Some assignments had to be pickup by a Love-one, taking it home, so the person could do the job, and then the Love one would drop it of at the work area. The local companies support the program because it benefits the community and saved them in salary costs. The county tried to put everybody to work, that could hold a job. This is not in detail, but just some of the procedures necessary, to give everyone the opportunity to work.


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