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What to sell

Posted by James Jett on February 1, 2007

Veteran-Owned Small Business (VOSB) Program

SBA has the legal responsibility to give “special consideration” to veterans of the Armed Services in all SBA programs. Consistent with that mandate and the mission of VA, we strongly encourage the participation of VOSBs in the VA acquisition program. VA is the only Federal Government agency which has assigned a goal for contract awards to the VOSB community. OSDBU is the advocate that monitors the Veteran-Owned and Operated Small Business Concerns program.

VA is not authorized to set aside contracts for veterans; however, veteran-owned small businesses are identified, targeted, and included in our existing acquisition programs.

The above statement is the promise that the (SBA has the legal responsibility to give “special consideration” to veterans of the Armed Services in all SBA programs.) As a veteran, I am going to take advantage of that legal responsibility, by starting, changing, or buying an existing business.

Remember, in addition to all the other things I am doing, I am going to start a business that will be qualified to do business with the Federal, States and local governments, selling parts, medical supplies, computer games and equipment. Why I selected these products? They can be sold and shipped with a good computer and fax.Yes,we will have a business address, but most of the products will be drop-shipped, and we will take care of the billing, returns and records. In addition, we will contract to provide job training and placement, plus a coaching service. In the next post I will list some companies with similar business models.


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  1. Carson Sasser said

    I noticed that you put your byline in the title of your posts, yet it says “by mopspops” just below the title. I thought that perhaps you don’t know that you can change your settings so that it will say “Posted by James Jett on…” and you won’t have to put your name in the title. If you want to do this, go to your Dashboard and then click on “My Profile” in the upper righthand corner. On that page you will see a block on the left side labeled “Name”. In that block you can enter your first and last names and a nickname. After you enter your names click the “Update Profile” button. Then use the “Display name publicly as” drop-down box to select the form of your name that you want in the “Posted by” line on your posts.

  2. James Jett said

    Carson Sasser:
    I really appreciate you given me the procedure to move my name from the post’s title, down where it belongs. Each time I published a post I wonder how I could accomplish it, never looking below the Avatar, that I changed twice in two months. Well, its done, and looks a lot better. I had to tolerate it because I had asked three other people to write a post on this Blog, two have day jobs and would not want my statements to be view as their statements. My answer to that concern: sign my name to everything I post and take the blame for all posts on this Blog.
    I added your Blog to my Blogroll because I intended to comment about a post on your Blog. That I will do, as soon as I can remember the year, I visited Canada and the tour guide said that the Apartments costed so much because the owners could push a button in the car and the stove would start cooking the dinner and a hot bath would be ready in the Bathtub. I will post a comment on your Blog as soon as I fine the date I visited Canada.

  3. Carson Sasser said

    Thanks for the link. In case you ever do want others to be able to contribute to your blog under their own name there is a way to do that:
    1. Have them register as WordPress users if they aren’t already. They don’t have to set up a blog, just get a username and password.
    2. Have them set their posting name like you just did.
    3. On the Dashboard Users page add them as users of your blog. Select Contributor if you want to review their posts before publishing them. Select Author if you want them to be able to publish without your review.
    4. Now they can log in to your blog just like you do and write posts. But they won’t be able to make changes to your blog beyond what they have contributed.
    5. For the Contributors you will have to go to Manage – Posts on the Dashboard periodically to review and publish their draft posts. They show up at the top of the page.

    Feel free to delete this comment when you are done with it.

  4. James Jett said

    Thanks again, I had this one under control, just could’nt get the by-line and my name, out of the title.

  5. James Jett said

    Clicking on your name does not access your Site or Blog.

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  7. James Jett said

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