Truth Lies and Character

Embrace the truth, reject lies and edify character as an excellent virtue.

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Posted by James Jett on February 4, 2007

WordPress listed: Truth Lies and Character Blog, as the feature Blog in Business Loans. Since, I can be sure, that they are to wise to make a mistake, and to careful, to make an error, all I can say is, I totally appreciate it. Good choice, because we will have to talk to some one about a loan: a VC (Venture Capitalist), a bank, or someone with deep pockets.

I am someone who read a total of five Blogs in my life time, prior to 1 Sep. 06. The lack of skills, plus the approaching holidays, increased my learning curve. I must admit that WordPress made it easy to learn, plus I have more time to study.

I have Lorelle’s Blog in my rss feed, so I can study daily. If I fail to learn, it will be my fault.


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