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Recovering Burial Cost: addendum

Posted by James Jett on February 8, 2007

Burial Allowance Benefits

In certain circumstances, a Burial Allowance is available from the Veterans Benefits Administration. The National Cemetery Administration does not provide these benefits.
For assistance please call:

1-800-827-1000: The above text is copied from the VA site.

Updated: Mon, 19 Feb. 2007

I received a copy of form 21-530 five days after I called and requested it, alone with the INSTRUCTIONS FOR COMPLETING APPLICATION FOR BURIAL BENEFITS, (UNDER 38 U.S.C., CHAPTER 23). As I read the instructions I notice additional information under WHO SHOULD FILE A CLAIM, As follows:

a. CREDITOR – If expenses have not been paid, the claim should be filed by the funeral director or crematory service by completing Parts I, II, and IV. If the funeral director or crematory service has paid or advanced funds for or furnished the plot or interment expenses, inclusion of these items on the statement of account will serve as claim for the plot allowance. If cemetery owner or other creditor has not been paid for the plot and related interment expenses, he/she may file claim by completing Parts I, III, and IV. If both the funeral director and cemetary owner are unpaid, each must submit a seperate VA Form 21-530 signed by the person who authorized services.

b. PERSON WHOSE FUNDS WERE USED – If all creditors have been paid, the claim should be filed by the person or persons whose personal funds were used by Parts I, II, and IV.

I will scan these forms in and upload them as soon as possible.

This addendum to the post, Recovering Burial Cost, will bring together all the information needed to apply for reimbursement, for payments made by someone other than a family member or the VA. The answer is yes. I called the Phone number above and talked with John, Veteran Service Representative, and asked him who can apply for a reimbursement for payments made for burial cost for Veteran? What if the neighbor or a strangers pay the burial costs, could they apply for reimbursement?. The answer, yes, as long as its with in two years of the disposition of the Remains. Anyone paying for the burial cost can apply by calling and getting the application for Burial Benefits: VA Form 21-530. you should attach proof of the veteran’s military service (DD214), a death certificate, and copies of funeral and burial bills you have paid.

The Veteran Service Representative is mailing me a copy of the form, I will keep it on file to make copies available when an employee or family member die. no one should have to do a tap- dance, to get a copy of an application to bury their love ones.

Updated 19 Feb. 2007:



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