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Black-History, Politics and Sports

Posted by James Jett on February 11, 2007

Can history be black? While reading posts, in the Blogs I read daily, I got this tingling in the six inches between my ears. And since WordPress asked us to post something different, plus this is Black History Month. I will give my two-cent worth, for what it matters. In Carson Sasser, his post is about the Congressional Black Caucus and in Plagiarized News, Thomas Sowell’s post is about Group Differences: both Blogs are listed in my Blogroll.

Carson Sasser post talked about the Black Caucus, refusing to admit a White Congressman as a member: “not even one who represent a district that is 60% Black.” That may be true, or the Caucus could have another reason for not admitting the White Congressman, The number one reason could be the Judas-Concern: namely the fear of being betrayed. Let me make this perfectly clear, I have listen to some, maybe most of the members of the Black Caucus, and the only thing any of them has said that I can agree with is the statement Cong. Charles Rangel made on TV one night, when he stated that the “Illegal immigrants are a form of slavery” (or words that mean the same).Where is the political know-how of the White Congressman? With a 60% Black district, he could talk to the other elected officials from his state, single out the elected Reps. and Senators that the Black Caucus depend on for a vote and get their support in his effort to become a member of the Caucus. Also he should be aware of the individual voter, if he convinces them that they will benefit from his membership, you will see some changes in the attitude of the Black Caucus.

With over forty years activities, working with four other men, we selected, nominated and campaigned for every candidate for office in this county, and I can tell you the Judas-concern is very real


In Plagiarized News and Views: Thomas Sowell, states the following:

“Is it just a stereotype that some groups do better at some things than other groups do? Do blacks not really play basketball any better than whites? Do our eyes deceive us when we notice the racial make-up of the NBA?” If I had read this statement, year before last, I would have agreed with it without any doubt. But after reading in the New York Times last year (on the front page) that the Coaches are getting tired of getting the Black Basketball players out of jail so they can play basketball, so they are going to switch to the European players. Follow that statement, with the statement by the Olympia coaches that won the Gold Medal, He stated we know how to beat them now, we are not afraid of them, (meaning the Black players). In that same New York Times article the European Players said that the Black Players think they intimidate us, with the talk about a tough upbringing, living in the ghetto. Well we grew up where people had to dodge bullets every day, so we had it tougher than the Black players. I also heard a panel discussing the possibility that the NBA could end up with a majority of White Players, some on the panel said the fans would not like it because the European players are not as entertaining and would not sell product as well as the Blacks players.—-so the ball keep bouncing.

Back when I would watch a sports game (other than golf) C-Span had just come on the cable, and without ads. A panel of Media types discussed race, sports and neighborhoods. One member stated he was Spanish and that he had heard the Blacks complaining about the Hispanic players taking the baseball slots away from them. He stated “they are yours, they are Black, they were slaves just like you”. His last statement–“I live in a White suburb, I don’t live in the enter-city”. In the last ten years I have seen a decrease in the number of Black Players. And I believe that the numbers will study decline over the next ten year prior.

Unless Lebron James can slow the pace!


2 Responses to “Black-History, Politics and Sports”

  1. Thank for making this valuable information available to the public.

  2. James Jett said

    Thank you Iris, I hope we can increase the number of veterans and others owning Small Businesses. Plus, look at the problems in the Sports World.

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