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Earned Revenue, Not Prostituting

Posted by James Jett on February 16, 2007

We have a good list of things to buy and sell in the post: “What to sell” All be it, an abbreviated list. Now we can look at items and services we can market to government agencies. But first I want to look at procedures and pit falls we must avoid at all cost. During the last six months I have watched or read news about the illegal acts that occurred during the airport expansion at Cleveland’s airport. The $500 million project at the Cleveland Hopkins International airport, where they investigated the general and subcontractors and uncovered a plan that the people involved called “check swap” In this plan the White cement contractor paid a minority and female-owned business, more than $5.1 million. Then the female-owned company paid more than $3.9 million back to the White-owned cement company and another company with the same owner, according to the investigation. This information is based on a transactions outlined in the investigation by the city’s Office of Equal Opportunity.

Investigation determined that the White owned cement company failed to meet the city’s rules for hiring minority – and female-owned businesses on the runway project.

Based on the city’s findings, recommend that the Cement company be barred from city contracts for two years and face penalties that could cost the company millions.

The Office of Equal Opportunity, received sworn statement that the minority company Chem-Ty Environmental Inc. President Terri Thomas admitted her company did not do any work on the runway at the airport.

When a company prostitutes itself in this fashion (if this really is a company) the owner fail to get any experience, or gain any knowledge about the construction business. About ten years ago a contractor installing drain pipe where a new housing development would be located, in order to comply with the required laws that small and minority businesses should be included by sub-contracting some of the work to their companies. The major contractor, some how found, located, or maybe employed a Black man and paid him $5 thousand and listed him as a subcontractor. When discovered he admitted he never went on the job site, didn’t know the location and had no knowledge about installing drain pipes. When I talk with any minority contractors, they tell me this is the larger contractors efforts to keep small contractors from gaining the experiences and knowledge required to offer a competitive bid for the jobs. So they pay some one under-the-table to lie and maybe go to jail just for a quick, but a few bucks. This is not the way a business should be managed, nor will you acquire any knowledge from subcontracting with a large companies, with skills and know-how, that could kick-start your business into a path toward success.

Now that I have finished this post, I can not publish it until I complete the post on Funding,and Accounting For and Managing Money, because I want you to end on a positive note of concern.


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