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Seek Funding or Just Start?

Posted by James Jett on February 16, 2007

Women-Owned Business Program

“In response to the need to aid and stimulate women’s business enterprises, this advocacy program directs acquisition officials to take appropriate action to facilitate, preserve, and strengthen women’s business enterprises and to ensure full participation by women in the free enterprise system. Appropriate action includes the award of prime contracts and subcontracts and counseling of women-owned businesses. “Women-owned small businesses” means small business concerns that are at least 51 percent owned by women who are United States citizens and who also control and operate the business”.

I copied the above information from the VA site because it talks about women-owned small businesses yet do not mention a DD214 or Honorable Discharge. When most of these benefits are targeted at veterans. I am sure women with an Honorable Discharge will qualify for all the benefits available to veterans, I am not sure why they failed to mention the requirements here. I will ask why when I call to request any information I need to help me understand what I will need when making an application for the women involved in the business.

After carefully reading the pages listing information about contracts, subcontracts and other business agreements. I can talk about money, loans, inventory AND what is available to help the small business owners get started and access the help needed to succeed in business. To benefit as many people as possible, I will try to include as many types of businesses as time permit. Starting with a company requiring inventory and no money to purchase it. Here I will listed some of the things I have considered, most large companies with government contracts can and will extend you credit for stocking your shelves with the most demanded items. Since I know I will need inventory I have this at the top of my list. (Here I should tell you I am listing things I will need in the daily operations, that I hope to acquire without securing a loan.) Next on the list are items requiring installations: Companies selling these items will make them available as I market them to my customers. My company, a distributor can follow the procedures other companies adopts, namely, down payments from the customers, with a thirty days balance-in-full to my suppliers. All the purchase procedures will be compiled on a page to be printed or down loaded, once I finish compiling them.


3 Responses to “Seek Funding or Just Start?”

  1. Ken Larson said

    There are many good points in your article. I would like to supplement them with some information.

    For an all-volunteer site, dedicated to small businesses who wish to succeed in federal government contracting, please see the below site:

    The federal government will contract in excess of $80B to small businesses in the next fiscal year.
    There are over 50 agencies or “Departments” in the federal government. Each of these agencies has a statutory obligation to contract from small business for over 20% of everything it buys.

    Contracting officers must file reports annually demonstrating they have fulfilled this requirement. Not fulfilling the requirement can put agency annual funding in jeopardy. Small business has a motivated customer in federal government contracting officers and buyers.
    Large business, under federal procurement law, must prepare and submit annual “Small Business Contracting Plans” for approval by the local Defense Contract Management Area Office (DCMAO) nearest their headquarters. These plans must include auditable statistics regarding the previous 12 month period in terms of contracting to small businesses and the goals forecast for the next year.

    The federal government can legally terminate a contract in a large business for not meeting small business contracting goals. Approved small business plans must accompany large business contract proposals submitted to federal government agencies. Small businesses have motivated customers in large business subcontract managers, administrators and buyers.

    There are set-aside opportunities available for small entities,veterans, disabled veterans, women and minorities. All it takes is navigating the system, persistance, asking questions, registering, marketing, teaming and working hard.

    Small Business America is good at that.

  2. kabababrubarta said

    Cool! kabababrubarta

  3. James Jett said

    Thank you,
    I hope its helpful, also!

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