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Business Trends and Marketing Plans

Posted by James Jett on February 17, 2007

Look at the Dalton Aircraft Parts, Inc. site at a well planed web site that can handle orders 24/7, make sure you click on the Quotes and Orders taking as well as the Parts lists. Here you can get a price quote or order the part by completing the order form on line. This is one site I will contact, first via e-mail to arrange a visit. If the office is in the home, I want to meet at a public place, to maintain a business relation at all times. For diversity a computer gaming equipment company and a drug manufacturing company will be included with the Dalton Aircraft Parts company above. Providing three examples of companies during business on the INTERNET.

I will use this Blog to write my business Plan, keeping in mine the need to register as a Veteran Business as soon as possible. In fact, I will cover where we register and why we register in the next post. Plus point to the training and support available to the Veteran and small businessmen. Many veterans will be attempting to enter business for the first time and will need all the help and mentoring available. Partnerships will be necessary for some to get the education, skills and training that managing a business require.

Once I select the products we want to sell I will prepare to contact companies manufacturing or distributing those items. Enrolling the company, will get it listed in the database, and I will have access to the database of the companies during business with the Federal Government. Remember the VA will try to match your company with a Large company during business with the governments or SBA. Any person or entities buying the products you sell is a good prospect, calling on them will require sales skills, with training you or a new hire can step-up -to-the-plate.


2 Responses to “Business Trends and Marketing Plans”

  1. Fred333 said

    great post. That is a great site.

  2. James Jett said

    I appreciate that, and keep hoping that more people in this country, especially veterans will consider owning a business as the best way to earn a living and care for their family.

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