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Business Opportunities: Subcontracts, Working Agreements.

Posted by James Jett on February 20, 2007

All the information I have compiled, all the Web Sites I have visited on the VA (Veteran Administration) web pages have assured me that the Federal Government, and indeed States and Local Governments plan to involve small businesses that are owned by Women, Veterans and other minorities, to be involved in the Free Enterprise Systems. To accomplish this the government’s legislators have passed enabling legislation mandating all large companies with a government contract to consider these groups or risk loosing the contract.
Many in these groups have never been in business and have little or no training to operate a business. Others will have education and skills, but fail to try because of a disability, racial or economic conditions. All causing a chilling effect on the would be business man or woman. But we can take heart, help is available, we should request it and take full advantage of all the training, counseling and support listed on the Web Sites of the VA and other sites mandated to aid and support these groups.
However, You can start with SCORE an organization with Councilors that provide the support free (no charge). Just click on SCORE in Blogroll, then click on FEDERAL GOVERNMENT CONTRACT PROPOSAL PREPARATION, on the top left, enter your Zipcode, this will give you a map and the location for all the SCORE offices near you. While you are on that site consider what benefits you can gain studying and using the information available from a source with a high quality of knowledge like this site. If you live in the area you can consider Kenneth Larson as your Counselor (that’s what it say on his site). I am sure you are aware that the SCORE in your city can be totally unlike the one in another city, the same as –say–local school boards. Once I list the requirements, to be classified as a business with the VA, you should be able to put a business plan together and start your operation. All the needed information is here, because I carefully checked and double checked. I will try to put it in better order, maybe on pages with instruction to do number one first then follow thru to the end. Then, Register your company with VA and seek training and contracts. As I take the steps necessary to secure a contract I will posted the procedures I am following, so we can compare the results. One thing I will assure you, I do not substitute any thing for results. If I get no results with one support group I will try another group. However I am not in a rush, remember I said it would take a year.


2 Responses to “Business Opportunities: Subcontracts, Working Agreements.”

  1. Ken Larson said

    There are many good points in your article. I would like to supplement them with some information.

    For an all-volunteer site, dedicated to small businesses who wish to succeed in federal government contracting, please see the below site:

    The federal government will contract in excess of $80B to small businesses in the next fiscal year.
    There are over 50 agencies or “Departments” in the federal government. Each of these agencies has a statutory obligation to contract from small business for over 20% of everything it buys.

    Contracting officers must file reports annually demonstrating they have fulfilled this requirement. Not fulfilling the requirement can put agency annual funding in jeopardy. Small business has a motivated customer in federal government contracting officers and buyers.
    Large business, under federal procurement law, must prepare and submit annual “Small Business Contracting Plans” for approval by the local Defense Contract Management Area Office (DCMAO) nearest their headquarters. These plans must include auditable statistics regarding the previous 12 month period in terms of contracting to small businesses and the goals forecast for the next year.

    The federal government can legally terminate a contract in a large business for not meeting small business contracting goals. Approved small business plans must accompany large business contract proposals submitted to federal government agencies. Small businesses have motivated customers in large business subcontract managers, administrators and buyers.

    There are set-aside opportunities available for small entities,veterans, disabled veterans, women and minorities. All it takes is navigating the system, persistance, asking questions, registering, marketing, teaming and working hard.

    Small Business America is good at that.

  2. James Jett said

    Disabled veterans, women and minorities should take a look at these opportunities, because the companies that has contracts with the Governments are reporting a shortage of veterans, women and minorities businesses. I am finding that the VA and organizations like SCORE are more than willing to help you start or expand your business.

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