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Posted by James Jett on February 21, 2007

I received a copy of form 21-530 five days after I called and requested it, alone with the INSTRUCTIONS FOR COMPLETING APPLICATION FOR BURIAL BENEFITS, (UNDER 38 U.S.C., CHAPTER 23). As I read the instructions I notice additional information under WHO SHOULD FILE A CLAIM, As follows: a. CREDITOR – If expenses have not been paid, the claim should be filed by the funeral director or crematory service by completing Parts I, II, and IV. If the funeral director or crematory service has paid or advanced funds for or furnished the plot or interment expenses, inclusion of these items on the statement of account will serve as claim for the plot allowance. If cemetery owner or other creditor has not been paid for the plot and related interment expenses, he/she may file claim by completing Parts I, III, and IV. If both the funeral director and cemetery owner are unpaid, each must submit a separate VA Form 21-530 signed by the person who authorized services.
b. PERSON WHOSE FUNDS WERE USED – If all creditors have been paid, the claim should be filed by the person or persons whose personal funds were used by Parts I, II, and IV.
I will scan these forms in and upload them as soon as possible Thank you for your patience, I am trying to be sure I have all the information we need. My approach? I am mining gold and don’t want to leave any nuggets on the ground.


The Department of Veterans Affairs will furnish, upon request, a Government headstone or marker at the expense of the United States for the unmarked graves of certain individuals eligible for burial in a national cemetery, but not buried there. These individuals include any veteran with an other than dishonorable discharge who dies after service or any serviceman or servicewoman who dies on active duty. Certain other individuals may also be eligible for the headstone or marker. Headstones or markers for all individuals in national or post cemetery are furnished automatically without request from the family.

This information is from the bottom of form 21-530, on the second page.

This could be posted in your Church, or any Religious Building, bulletin so families can make a request if they have love-one that qualify.



  1. Alex said

    Thank You

  2. James Jett said

    You are welcome, Alex and thanks for the comment!

  3. I’m pretty sure you know very well that the www is the greatest technological creation in modern history. Although I suppose somebody else would have invented it earlier or later if you hadn’t, I just wanted to say thank you for having done such incredible pioneer work on a sector that has changed the lives of us all.

  4. James Jett said


    Did you intend to post this comment here, or on a Blog run by or own by Vice President Al.? Gore? I would have to be smart —- well. I am not that smart!

  5. Patricia said

    I called the VA to inquire of where to submit form for the reimbursement of payment of Funeral expenses I paid in full for my husband who was 100% service connected [Vietnam Veteran, Agent Orange connected Cancer], and the Decendent Affairs person sent me forms to fill out that contain absolutely NO address as to where to mail them, and absolutely NO instructions as to what to do with them after I fill them out!!
    Do anyone know what I’m supposed to do with these forms??

  6. James Jett said

    In read my note above, I tell you to call your local VA (Veterans Administration) They will have the address, where you can mail the VA Form 21-530. You can get the forms at the VA when needed!

    I am sorry to learn that another brave person had died: but please remember, you still have a life to live, So live it well!

  7. wayne said

    why not just post the address? form 21-530 does not list an address, why?

    • James Jett said


      That is a good question: but because this blog is read on the internet I would have to list every address and the address for New York would not be good for Alabama or any other state.

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