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Bussiness Planing

Posted by James Jett on February 27, 2007

About three weeks pass. I had a business meeting with three people and my friend. Prior to that I had not spoken with anyone about business or any other human concern. Yet after a lone talk with my friend I came out after staying at home, working in the yard and garden while continuing to do research on the problem facing this country where I live and watch my Grandchildren grow up. All the information I have read, heard, and watched indicate changes are occurring in the world of small business ownership by woman and minorities. Business’ ownerships by these groups are growing faster than among the majority group. Most new jobs are created by the growth of these small businesses.

This is good news, and hopefully will be an inspiration for others planing to enter the business world. Sadly, that’s not what I hear when I meet with the people I discuss business with, in setting where we are planing for the best result. We have discussed some wonderful products and services, gross income projection that will impress any VC (Venture Capitalist), all maybe a road to failure without the sales and marketing plan. Many would be business owners fail to realize some areas in the city cannot afford or will not buy the products or use the service. And locating the bricks and mortal store in the area they are considering will mean very few customers. My other concern, they seam willing to stop the business and get in a pleasure mode— someone makes some statements that invoke laughter, laughter can aid in keeping everyone relaxed, but should not become a stage for comedian.

For the majority, business counseling, training, long-term coaching will overcome a lack of skills as long as they have concern. If we are concerned, we can readily learn that the dress code for a round at the driving range may not be appropriate for a sales call to a drug store to present your line of band aides, gauze, leg and ankle wraps that you market under a subcontract with a large pharmaceutical company. In another company, the owner may have to call on all the Cemeteries in the area because they now have a subcontract to make the grave markers for (maybe) a total state area. I see in the language on both the VA (Veteran Administration) and the SBA (Small Business Administration) sites, plans to provide this training when necessary.

We are doing a self assessment (self test–if you will) to include all the training we need in the plans. We will enroll in programs to maximize our chances for success. Keeping in mine the Federal Government states that contractors are reporting a shortage of veteran owned businesses. Person’s I am speaking with believing it’s true, and agree we should try to increase the number of veteran and minority owned business.


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