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Business Partners and Contracts

Posted by James Jett on March 15, 2007

Business Partners and Contracts:

First you should get your company registered and then complete your business plan, or continue to work on it To start the registering process click on Registering above and follow the process. This is where my focus is for this and the next posts. This post will look at procedures we can use to get the business partners, contracts and subcontracts needed to get the company qualified to do business with the Federal, State and Local Governments. My questions are why do I need partners? And why can’t I just sign all contracts with the governments? One answer, I can as long as I can provide the products or services with the staff and crew I have employed or can hire when needed to preform the required work or deliver the products.

That is why I am concern as I complete the overall plan for the business organization we need to put in place. One company, an (umbrella company), will handle all the administrative functions including preparing all the contracts, subcontracts and other agreement to insure a smooth operation to yield the maximum number of contracts and sales. For example, in the Mississippi Flood Disaster, I saw and heard a man with the ability to prepare contracts, but owned only one truck, negotiate and agree with a man that owned four trucks, resulting in a contract with the Feds and a subcontract between themselves, therefore securing a large contract with the Feds to haul the debris from the sites where homes once stood. For instance, We know we can handle all administrative work, but have to contract any works that require construction, landscaping, shipping and warehousing. Presently, we don’t make any products or apparels, so sales agreements are needed to have a viable sales and marketing divisions.

This is very encouraging, for these reasons, all enabling legislation establishing these programs have built in a legal requirement that all companies with a government contract more than a million dollars are required to make at least 21% available to veterans and other minorities. Veterans, woman and disadvantaged can seek help from departments established by VA (Veteran Administration) and the SBA (Small Business Administration) to aid them in starting or promoting their small business ventures. All branches of government make some efforts to insure that all small and minority businesses get paid for products or service they provide to majority firms. In the state of Maryland the Lt. Governor Michael S. Steele, while appearing on the NAACP panel stated that he met with the large contractors to insure that they not only make timely payments to the subcontractors, but also provide training. Lt. Governor Steele said he told the Large Companies he wanted them to train their competitors.

Economically disadvantage can seek help in applying for recognition by the Federal Government. You can contract to buy a company presently during business with the Feds.


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