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Sales and Marketing

Posted by James Jett on March 24, 2007

Sales, Products and Services
In your business you will sell a product or provide a service to generate income to pay your bills and earn a profit. You will decide what product or service will be needed by the people you plan to attract to your store or sell to by mail order, or via the internet. Many newly owned companies have a product or service that the owner created in his shop or office. This is the number one consideration on my planning list: what will I sell and where will I fine a vendor that make that product? I am considering having a contract or an exclusive territory agreement with a manufacturer. Or maybe I will hear about, or fine a new product to make in a shop I can purchase and the owner would stay on for six months or a year. Better yet, maybe a Franchise is available, it could be a drug store. I could purchase the drug store, get a contract with the Government, sell everybody as DOD (Department of Defense) an aspirin. Well — you get my thinking.

The VA (Veteran Administration) challenged us to come up with new products or services. If you can make a product, fine, or buy it from a vendor. Maybe you want to provide maid service, lawn care or landscaping. Here is one, Interior decorating, or remodeling. As for me, my mind is on an out-patient clinic for veteran, with an attached drug store. Next, I want to do landscaping and maintaining parks, rest area and recreation sites. And last, but not least, financial and career counselor. Many Vets come home with stacks of Photos, just stop in the PX —- what do they call them now? I am talking about the store on the Base where you can purchase films and food, yes that place, look at the Post Cards that all GIs like to mail home, if your’s look as good or better talk to VA about a contract to market them with the Veteran Administration.

For the first three months in this year, I have logged four hours on the phone; three discussing business and one discussing benefits. If I could rate the result based on help I received from the VA (Veteran Administration) in a score 1 to 10 with ten being the highest, I would give them an eight over all. The benefits score is below the business score. The reason is because my military records burned in the fire, nothing remained but the ashes, so they haven’t being much help in that department. That said, I can state with assurance that when we had all the information, the service were professional. As we get into the phase where I will talk with the people at the VA at least three time per week, I look forward to the conversations, because they have been very helpful. For instance, when I called three difference locations this week each gave me the information I needed or the phone I could call and get the needed help. Just to give you some incite about the information I need to complete the planning, I asked how to get the business on the fast track? She explained that if two veterans are starting a business and one is disable, make the disabled veteran the 51% owner and automatically qualify for fast track. Or Section 8 (a) the Small Business Act establishing a program that authorize the SBA (Small Business Administration) to enter into a contract with other agencies and to negotiate subcontracts with small disadvantaged business concerns eligible for the program participation. She also stated that a new Public Law #109-461 will be signed, then the VA (Veteran Administration) can determine your eligible at the time you register. This is the place where you can get almost any information you need to plan and run your small business. Again to sure how helpful they are I told her about my need to fine someone that serviced in Korea with me because my military records were destroyed by fire, at least half an hour she gave me Korean Veterans Organizations, including the name of the President, his assistance, phone number and Web Page address. Any information you or I need to start or manage our business, we should call this Department. The phone # 866-584-2344, Web Page is, Or select Vetbiz in the Blogroll. I will post on sites that will provide support so we can get up and running with the Best-Start-Ever.
Also, I will add two pages, one named (Read My Notes) and the other (F Asked Qs) here I will compiled information until I have the business plan completed and the business is in full operations


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