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Business: Start, Expand, Operate or Move

Posted by James Jett on March 31, 2007

Business: Start, Expand, Operate or Move

Made one decision and it will cause many other actions to occur. I will have to travel and many places will not have a – what you call them? – hot spots: so I can get access to the Internet. I must down load WordPress to be able to write my posts 24/7 and publish it when I can connect to the Internet. This Blog will have too be transferred to a Host that can handle Word press. Therefore it will remain here until I can get all requirements met.

Once I get setup on the new host, I will proceed with my efforts to find and post about all the opportunities for Veterans and other small businesses I can discover. Since I have a need for the same information and work on compiling it almost daily, it will be made available to anyone that can use it, without charge. Mainly be cause it could help someone else if it proves beneficial to me, and partly because I believe a “Small American Business Is the Only American Business.”

Every new or expanded business will provide income for the owner and jobs for the people employed by the company. Now the question is, can you log on and use this Blog to start or expand your business? For me the answer is yes, but I became aware at the outset that the starting point is the first post published, so either rearrange the post or make an index page linking to each post. I am going to attempt just that. Hopefully I will get all this finished before my birthday in April.

Also finish the post on e-stores, once I get the book the Library order for me. Next I will write posts about Pensions, Disabilities and other benefits. Well, all this is in the discussions, with many of us thinking we can make this Blog a major source for veterans and other small business owners. Personally, I will try to make it a first stop for business-start-ups and expansions, linking to every other source available. Maybe add an index page, linking to all the posts, in an order that goes from start-to-finish.


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