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Business Progress and Problems

Posted by James Jett on April 3, 2007

As you read the previous posts, you will become aware of some reason why I started this Blog. Once I learned how to enter text and save it I told my story about the fact that my military record was destroyed in a fire as the NPRC (National Personnel Records Center) in July 12, 1973, nothing remained but ashes. Once I mail some items I have recovered from other locations, place like the Cuyahoga County, Ohio, where I had a copy of my Honorable Discharge recorded incase of fire or other disasters, I am close to having proof of most of my time in the military. Yet missing, is a letter I received from Gen. William Westmoreland and my Jumpmasters Certificate. Thinking that other veterans with the same or similar problems could follow my procedures and may have some knowledge about my service in the military I started this Blog. The task remaining is to apply for the Medals, Ribbons and Badges, I have received only a few. Prove that I was in the hospital in Yongdung.po, Korea, Evac. 21 or 121. After getting these tasks under control my concerns went to my grandchildren and their future, where will they work, and will a job be available once they graduate from college? Decision, start or expand a business, grow it so it can employ all the grandchildren that need to work for the company.

I announced I would start a business and post all my efforts on this Blog for all to see. Now each time I talk with the Feds. Or meet with people to listen to them talk about the plans they are developing for the future I get a better understand for the type markets both national and global that will be in demand over the next fifty years. For instance, almost everything we discuss recognizes two growing pockets of groups from the near, middle and far east, and the ever increasing Hispanic’s population, add the historical blacks and whites, this is where you will look to find a market in the US as you set your sites on global opportunities. I am not thinking this is bad or difficult, just that it’s a fact and you better be aware. The singer Kenny Roger (I hope I spelled his name correctly) in his song said “You better know when to hold-em–you better know when to fold-em, you better know when to walk away and know when to run – (You can tell I don’t know the song, but I bet you do.) When I am planning for a business to grow into the future, I consider two words first, (niche, target). Well– this is my thinking, maybe not your’s!

Fully aware of the changing landscape due to emigration, we hold meetings and phone conferences, to insure a reliable business plan. This is where we are presently in the planning and organizing, who will own majority shares in the company? Will we marge or will we have a contractual relationship? Will everyone own some part of each company? For sure I will not revile any details here, it would be foolish and I signed an NDA for both companies. So I will just makeup the company and the product just for discussion – here goes. The company in my family sells carburetors, we buy from a company name Best Carbs Motors, Inc., we want a contract with Rebuilt-Carbs Co. because they are the best in the business. With this contract we can resell the Carburetors that the buyers return each time they make a purchase. I get on the phone and call to ash about qualifying for fast-track, Karen tells me that a disable-veteran must own 51% of the company or the company must be located in a HUB zone. One veteran asked why can’t we own equal shares? Answer: to get on fast track 51% must be owned by a Disable-Veteran. During research I discovered that one of the cities we are considering is in a HUB zone, If we locate the business in that city we can qualify for fast-track. Now we must finish the business plan and Registering. (SeeRegistering” above) Mean while, the labor continue, but the rewards are worth the efforts: because a SMALL AMERICAN BUSINESS IS THE ONLY AMERICAN BUSINESS” Click on vetbiz in blogroll


2 Responses to “Business Progress and Problems”

  1. I’m going to have to look over this blog. My wife and I were talking about our wills and such, and I mentioned I wanted to use my military death benefit, not that I wish to do so soon! Thanks for the information and keep up the good fight!

  2. James Jett said

    Comments:Tuesday, April 10, 2007
    By all means take a look and if you see things I should change please call that to my attention. I thank you for the comment because I am writing a post about Benefits, Pensions and Disability, I should post it tomorrow

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