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Benefits, Pension and Compensations

Posted by James Jett on April 12, 2007

All the Medals, Ribbons, Badges listed on this Blog I will or have already applied for. Now I will post the procedures for making an application for benefits, pension and disabilities or compensations. Presently I am applying for pension and compensation, I should say reapplying because I applied the year I received my discharge (12 Aug.1953) and they turned me down because they could not find my medical records. When I discussed it with the VA they told me that they would resubmit the claim but If I received disability it could make it difficult to find employment. And if it is approved I could expect no more then 10 percent. Just married, my first child on the way I went to school and work and forgot about the compensation. Now I can use it to reduce some medical cost for past treatments. Or I will sell some things that I collected to sell in time of need.

These benefits are means tested,  And your earned income should be $1,192 per month or less, for husband and wife without any dependents. (certainly not enough to live on) The VA pours the benefits over that amount and increase your purchasing power. I despair when I hear of women and veterans without food after they have serviced honorably in the military. Illegals can get support but veterans and poor women are ignored or turned away from emergency rooms and Clinics.

You can download VA FORM 21-526 or complete it on line here. Before you start get this information together and have it ready to enter. If you need to work on it in intervals, you should be able to save it on line and return and complete it later. The items needed include: an original or certified copy of DD214 or other separation papers for all periods of service, an original or copies of all service medical records you have, medical records you have showing you currently have this disability. Any-and-all medical records you have indicating that the disability was caused by or happened during your active service. Copies of your marriage certificate and all divorce decrees (Maybe required in some cases) I am making an application for benefits and will update if I encounter any changes that I have not posted. “Note: If you are a Veteran who is age 65 or older, (I repeat) Veteran who is age 65 or older you DO NOT have to submit medical evidence with your application.”


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  1. Livette said

    Nice blog!

  2. James Jett said

    Thanks for stopping by!

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