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Business Meetings, Selecting and Operations

Posted by James Jett on April 19, 2007

First phone calls, than meetings to plan for a business environment that is safe for customers. It started Saturday where we discussed building and operating in large cities. We looked at a few minutes of firm watching “Blood on The Carpet,” next. We made video to show that this media fits into to days business operations. We discussed the political impact on the trades, housing site, entertainment and recreation. Something I must admit came as a surprise to me and that is group opposition, they oppose the site, or the size, or just want the project totally rejected.

With all the changing neighborhoods, changing lifestyles, add to all this corrupt Politicians and Shady contractors; you know to plan well and have your wits about and be alert in all your contracting and subcontracts. Saturday I spoke by phone to one of Charles’s associates, in charge of the Native American Gaming Site that his company is developing in another state. This assures me that they are capable of working in most states. In the conversation Russel said that when they build a gaming center, they will  have the ability to train the members in the Tribe in skills other than those required to work for the gaming center. This prevents them from becoming dependent on the gaming Center!

Charles, back from his trip to China arranged a meeting with Bob Dean, LONE RANGER he is the Reporter that compiled some of the information that landed some Contractors in jail. Charles and I spoke with Bob on the phone about the vast number of problems, in Cleveland, with the Construction trades. Now we can avoid the bad guys and work with the good contractors. This is a good result because we avoid getting in the middle of a building project and have the contractor hauled off to jailed and locked up because Reporter Bob Dean’s good reports finally reach the hand of someone who believe in the laws and follow them. Bob Dean. Charles and I will meet at Bob’s house this Sunday evening. Yes we will talk about problems in the Building Trades: Charles will have the other part of the agenda. These face to face meeting started Saturday, then Sunday and Monday and continued by phone until today.


3 Responses to “Business Meetings, Selecting and Operations”

  1. Rygestop said

    Hello i found your blog on Google and i found it interesting to read. I bookmarked it for further reading. Thank you for sharing. Hopefully this will help me quit smoking

  2. I won’t trust all you listed.

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