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Trip to Warren,OH: Mr Bob Dean

Posted by James Jett on April 25, 2007

Last Sunday was a beautiful day for a trip in an air-conditioned car, that is, until we saw the highway accident that left people died and injured. We arrived in Warren, OH without any difficulties. Mr. Bob Dean was out on the sun deck getting the benefit from the warm sun rays, The Black Cap Chickadees were feeding at the bird feeder and the Cardinal was singing in the trees. We arrived a half hour early, a good thing because Mr. Dean had to run to a quick meeting for a talk with some of his supporters, so he made us comfortable with something cool to drink and went to the meeting.

After getting a good seat on the sun deck with a refreshing drink in my hand I wondered what I would learn that could reassure me that good people that I can do business with live in every state in these united states. I remembered that this conversation started between Charles and me when I told him I was working on a plan to start or buy a business to leave for my Grandchildren and he said he was building his business to leave to his Son.

After a total of thirty hours talks, we decided to look at contracts and see if we are ready for a join venture, or set up a separate company to pursue the business opportunities we discussed. All of us agree that at the right time in the plan a management-type company must be in place to make sure the trains run on time and everybody gets paid as per the agreements. The legal part will be reviewed by a lawyer: things like, how you get out of the contract if someone drops the ball or just totally refuse to perform as promised. My personnel attitude is unless we maintain concern for the end user our first customer will be the one, or the few before the last. And I always remember: “A small American business is the only American business”


3 Responses to “Trip to Warren,OH: Mr Bob Dean”

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