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Certificate of Recognition and Medal

Posted by James Jett on April 27, 2007

Cold War Medal and Ribbon

By Dr. Frank Tims

“With the Defense Authorization Act of 2002, Congress formally recommended for the first time that the Secretary of Defense consider authorizing the design and award of the Cold War Service Medal. Recognition that is deserved and long overdue. The “Cold War” was not just an ideological struggle, it was a large-scale military campaign to prevent a third world war through deterrence and military deployments. While many characterize the period 1945-1991 as “peacetime,” except for limited wars and expeditions, this misses the point of the large, ongoing military operation that was in fact global. Continuing Military Operations 1945-91.”

Although they plan to make the Certificate available for the next ten years, counting from what year? Somewhere I read it could take at least a year to receive the Certificate and other Medals, Badges and Ribbons you apply for from the VA (Veteran Administration) You should apply as soon as possible.

The Congress had approved the medal and Ribbon for the Cold War without mandating it, so Secretary Of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld ruled, the Cold War medal and ribbon can not be worn on the uniform by regular military personnel. In some States, the Governor authorized the medal, so you can see it on some military people. I believe its safe to say, that all veteran groups support the effort to encourage the congress to approve the Cold War Medal. Since I spent some cold nights with a Rifle on my Shoulder, I suddenly support it’s approval. If you feel the urge to write your congressman, by all mean, do so.


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