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Korean Service Medal, Ribbon and Letters

Posted by James Jett on April 30, 2007

In 1951 the country of South KROK Korean War Service Medalorea design a medal and ribbon for the service men defending that country from an attach by North Korea and China. The Department of Defence would not approve the medal for the armed forces of the United States. Maybe, because President Truman signed ExecutiveOrder 10179 authorizing the Korean Service Medal, issued by the United State, the Republic Of South Korea had to delay the ROK Korean War Service Medal. So here we are over fifty years later receiving a War Medal for COMBAT. If you qualify for one of these medals, you qualify for both of them. The person serving in Korea can apply, or either; his wife, Parents, Children and Grandchildren are all authorize to receive the Medal. This is a very impressive “thank-you Ribbon and Medal” (above) with a Thank-you letter in both English and Korean.  When I applied for this one I received it in six weeks, the lag time will be longer now as the number of applications increase. So again, send a copy of your DD214 and apply by clicking on ROK Korean Service War Medal and Ribbon in Blogroll.

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