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Archive for May 16th, 2007

Moving Soon

Posted by James Jett on May 16, 2007

Last week my computer’s monitor faded to black, getting smaller by one third every time it decreased in size. I just started with a clean Hard drive and reloaded the back-up files. This left me with more space on the C drive because I had files that are best stored elsewhere and many file that’s just waiting to be deleted. Once I got my clean and well-organized computer up and running I had to spend time reading about a new host to transfer this Blog to, where it will become a Blog with total concern for Veteran’s businesses, benefits and burial, and all needs for small and expanding businesses.

The plans are to develop an organization that will have the know-how and the concern necessary to act as a bright-light of hope for veterans and their families. We will try to locate every benefit, every service and all the support available to the veterans, and aid them in applying for the service and getting all the help they need from the many programs willing to give the Vet a good start once the military service is completed.

With the veteran’s needs at the front of all our thinking we make every effort to publish by every means possible the service we provide for Veteran including small and expanding businesses. To this end, I will transfer this Blog to a Host maybe Startlogic, Maia Host or Blue Host. I can also install it on my allotted space provided by my ISP and use it (WordPress) as my Home Page. The goal? Make sure I can write a post anywhere in the world and post it to my Blog when I can get on line. Your advice will be appreciated very much, and someone said they will purchase a Blog writer for me then I can publish posts to All my Blog.

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