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Archive for May 23rd, 2007

Review, Update and evaluate

Posted by James Jett on May 23, 2007

The Korean President Unit Citation is the only medal I have not applied for and will have to find out where to apply and who will issue the medal? Also the post about grave markers, I did not apply for a grave marker because I have no need for it at this time. But I did apply to be buried in a Nation Cemetery, Both my wife and I will be buried in a National Cemetery. Everything else posted has been done or I am in the process. I wanted to review all the information, posted in this Blog to make sure you can use it to apply for those benefits that the Government provides.

This is my second review of this Blog to determine its accuracy. To date, all the VA departments I have contacted have been very helpful and do spend the time working with me so I can achieve the results I am aiming for. The only thing pending that is yet a concern, is my medical records that will show that Capt. Miller ( Doc Miller) did evacuate me from the front line to the hospital and I returned to the front and remained until we rotated by to Camp Chickamauga in Beppu, Japan. The effort here is to get my medical records restored and get the full benefits due me because I received my eye injure while in combat. For my medical care I use the Louis Stokes Medical Center, one of the best Medical Center in the Country (my opinion). Every medical care I require is provided but dental—I need to prove that my eye injury, is from an injury received while in combat. Fine my medical records. And You will find the answer: the letter from VA (Veteran Administration) last week said they are looking in various locations for information, and stated it is their responsibility, my responsibility is to complete VA Form 21-526, which I hope to mail this week to the VA. This is the benefit I need because without a combat related injury I will not receive my dental care at the center or they will provide it and charge you both arms and legs according to the information I received. If we fail to find the records and my appeal is denied it is still the best deal for me because I travel and my card gets me into any emergency hospital room or clinic anyplace in the world where the governments provide medical benefits for veterans.

Being a veteran and using the benefits available to you because you serviced your country in a special way when you agreed to fight any enemy that is a threat to this Nation. And the government agreed to provide these benefits: medical, economic and education. When the federal agencies want to, they can provide good programs that help the targeted group and impact the entire country. You can have both, your paid health program and the plan you qualify for as a veteran. The Feds will bill your private insurance for the service according to your Priority Class. For instance, I keep my medicare so I can visit a private doctor if and when I wish to. My medicine is shipped to me, when I am out-of-town for a month (or two) they need the address to ship to and approximately my returning date. Yes, I use the Government plans to save money, for convenience and flexibility.

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