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WordPress on BlueHost: What’s Next?

Posted by James Jett on June 10, 2007

Finally installed WordPress on BlueHost and immediately started to looking at the possibility that I can use wordpress as my home page for Blogs, leaving this blog in place just change the name. With a few more posts this blog will only require updates and business news about veteran and small businesses. Since this effort is not to earn money but to inform the Veterans about the many opportunities and benefits that can be easily over looked.

For nearly a month I have been reading discussing and considering what we can do then use the best procedure to do it. Always aware that many States, Counties and Cities have fail to maximize their efforts to aid the veteran and his dependents. My e-mail reports that the state of Ohio rank 43 among the other states for veteran using the services. If true this mean millions of dollars are denied to veterans living in Ohio. We talk about the same subjects that have been discussed for many years, why so many scholarships, job opportunities and family benefits go unclaimed by the men and women discharged honorably from the military? In many cases the Vets returns home and fail to contact the VA (Veteran Administration) and other local government organizations.

Here I will focus on small businesses, benefits and burial yet always include other opportunities to advance and prosper. Education, job skills and training come high on the list of things that will enable a life of success not failure. To these ends, I will continue to list facts about business, benefits and services plus where and how to apply for them.


6 Responses to “WordPress on BlueHost: What’s Next?”

  1. How do you like bluehost?

    Ha money from your site is always good!

  2. James Jett said

    I called maybe four hosting sites and asked all the same questions, Bluehost is the only one that said yes to all the questions. So that’s my reason for hosting my web page on Bluehost. I can believe that the other sites are good hosting site but would not permit me to install WordPress.

  3. Sundaize Search Engine

    Sundaize Search Engine

  4. opit said

    St. Louis Area Iraq War Veterans blog may help get word out if you have suggestions. I don’t generally carry a lot of that sort of post : give me a “Heads-Up” if you get things rolling.

  5. James Jett said

    Again, thanks: Book marked the ST. Louis Area Iraq War Veterans Blog, so I can read it later. We (they) are looking for $5 Million in residential mortgages. They were in good hands until the sub-prime tremble. Which coursed the mortgage companies to pull back into their caves? Forced them to take a better look at the application and discovered some assets that would be better if owned by the business and not on personnel credit reports.

  6. Max Elliot said

    I’ve been hosting with Bluehost for years and have nothing but good to say about them. Their support and services have been the best I’ve experienced and I’ve hosted with four to five others.

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