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Business Goals and VA Form 21-526

Posted by James Jett on June 20, 2007

All month long I have been involved in a debate about how I should proceed, some tried to get me to do a public relation thing —TV talk-show radio and public appearances. Being a semi private person I refused and prevailed. My argument , and they all agree, is we need to have a national present on the internet, in fact an international present on the internet. Some in a group of fifteen feel that I would be better at the public relations via the old media and some one else could build a present on the internet. Sure , many people can do more with a computer and software programs than I can but I have the knowledge and experience in the social, civil and business goals we plan to put in place. Add to that my total like of fear, and my freedom that will make an “Eagle jealous”. I am sure many of you know the subjects that get discussed when you are planning a social, civil and business agenda. Yes it is about the veterans and the need for some of them to consider starting a business or expanding their present business so more of us can find employment, earn an income and take care of our self and our family. One promise, I will discuss this topic in the future so many times until some will be saying it when they are asleep.
But now I need to update you on the progress I am making with the VA (Veteran Administration) and hopefully staying on schedule to be in business by years end. To that end, I completed VA form 21-526, this is the form you fill out to apply for Compensation and or Pension. I need to apply because my records were destroyed in the 1976 fire and my medical records in the hospital in Korea is missing or destroyed also. Theyfore anytime I can give information about my service in the military I fulfill the VA’s request to send any and all information I have to replace my military history. Like most people I have filled out many forms in this long life on earth, but to me this is the most difficult because I was asked to go back in my medical history including the name and address for all the doctors, hospitals plus any other place I received medical care, and tell them every treatment I received, and sign the permission sheet giving them the right to get that information about my pass medical problems. Since I plan to discuss this form and its requirements in a future post let me tell you why I spent a week filling out the complete form, all by myself no help from the VA.

Yes you can go to the nearest VA office and they will help you fill out the form. Just check all the things you need on the checklist and get you to the VA office nearest you! But my reason is more business than benefits, if I can establish that my injury on the front lines in Korea is the cause of my problems with my eyes, nose and legs I will be classified as a veteran with a disability, meaning I will be fast tracked when I get my company started. Please read my notes With this designation I will get help in securing a contract with the federal and state governments. And without the need to locate in a HUB ( Historically Underutilized Business) zone.


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