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Veteran: Business-Benefit-Burial: New Blog

Posted by James Jett on June 29, 2007

I just made a decision to start a blog and named it Veteran:Business-Benefits-Burial, it, here on WordPress. This Blog will replace and improve the role that the Blog (Truth Lies and Character) played in the effort to bring facts about the opportunities provided by the VA (Veteran Administration).This will be accomplished by compiling and posting information about the VA’s roles in providing business support and insuring that the majority companies have a place to find veteran-owned businesses. And aid the vet in training and organizing his or her business. Help them select the best locations that will provide the best advantage to start or expand a business.

All the posts in this blog that concern veterans, will be exported to Veteran: Business-Benefits-Burial

In future posts on this Blog, TLC (Truth Lies and Character) I will talk about this country and the people in it, the world and the people in it, but mainly the people trying to come to this country to stay! I have many things to discuss about the voters in this country and the negative effect the media have on the way they vote and the reason they fail to vote. At the same time working with people that is determine to change or reduce the negative influence from the media. For instance the VA gave me the names, phone numbers and addresses of a dozen Korean War Veteran Organizations in the United States. I will call them to inquire about members or associates that may have served in the same outfit with me in Korea. Once I complete that concern I will engage them about business opportunities in their city or state. As you may know, the VA office in your area can start to help you on your quest to become a business owner or expand your present company. All my contacts with the VA will be posted here and in Veteran: Business-Benefits-Burial. Well, the decision is made: as I say sometime “by my corn I shell be known”


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