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Reason for this Blog

Posted by James Jett on July 8, 2007

12-8-2004 (3)-09

I started this Blog to publish information about the fire that occurred in July 12, 1973 at the NPRC ( National Personnel Records Center). In a letter addressed to me , dated July 12, 2006 the NPRC stated: (I am typing part of the letter as mailed, making no changes)

Dear Sir or Madam:The record needed to answer your inquiry is not in our files. If the records were here on July 12, 1973, it would have been in the area that suffered the most damage in the fire on that date and destroyed. The fire destroyed the major portion of records of Army military personnel for the period 1912 through 1959, and records of Air Force personnel with surnames Hubbard through Z for the period 1947 through 1963. Fortunately, there are alternate records sources that often contain information which can be used to reconstruct service record data lost in the fire; however, complete personnel/medical records for inpatient/outpatient for Evac 21 are 121 for the year 1952 cannot be reconstructed.It seem that the VA want the veteran to prove that the information on the application is correct even if the records are destroyed or missing. I sent the name of all the men serving in the company at the time I served in that company:

  • Company “L” 187th Airborne Regimental Combat Team
  • Camp Chickamauga
  • Beppu, Japan

Yet they say I should contact the men until I fine two that will state that they remember me and recall me leaving the front line and returning after being evacuated by Capt. Miller (Doc Miller). This is over fifty years later and most if not all is not at the same address. First I will try to determine if any of them belong to any of the VSO (Veteran Service Organization) Organizations, some of VSO maintain office in the Medical Center that I use for all my medical needs, other than dental. Enrolling for medical service required my DD214 and complete the financial statements to determine what Priority Group you are in, get your picture made, receive your DVA (Department of Veteran Affairs) card, you are ready to go to any VA medical facilities in the country.


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