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Compensation and Pension

Posted by James Jett on July 19, 2007

After I completed and mailed in Form 21-526 applying for pension and compensation the VA responded with a letter (dated 07/11/2007) instructing me to come in for an eye examination at the Louis Stokes Brecksville VA Medical Center. Since it’s located on the West side of the city of Cleveland OH and I live East of the city I had two options, I could drive to Brecksville or I could drive to the Medical Center on the Eastside and use the bus service to get to my appointment. For a 9:am appointment I opted to drive, leave at 7:15 and avoid the morning traffic. Without any backup in the traffic I arrived early and enjoyed a good walk for thirty minutes and made sure I was at the right building. With time to spare, I took my time reporting, thinking I would be first and would walk in, report my present and await the Doctor visit. Someone told me the Eye Clinic is on the second floor, then he said “come I will show you” we took the elevator to the second floor and he pointed down the hall toward the clinic. The lady at the clinic looked at my ID and said “you have to go over to Comp (Compensation and Pension) and get your records bring them back here for your exam I will tell the Doctor you are here. Just go down stairs out the door over to Building # two. On the elevator another vet said he was going over and would show me the Comp office. The lady at Comp asked for my ID and last-four, meaning my Social Security, she gave me a green bag, looked like a lady’s bag, with a metal bar across the top and halfway down each end, with a lock at top center and a place for a key to open it. The size would hold a letter size page with room to spare. As I took the bag she said “take this over and give it to them, they will keep it but when you are finish come back here for a little mileage. Once I completed the exam I returned to Comp; picked up a slip took it to an office, after entering some information in the computer they paid me $6.83 cash. A lot of running around and a lot of people to see: that is a good thing about VA Medical Centers someone is always willing to show you the location even if they hear you asking someone and that person don’t have the answer, they will give you the directions without you asking them. This was my third VA Medical Center, in three cities, in two states. And they are very large buildings so the aid they provide in getting you to your appointment can be classified as yeoman service.

On my way to the Medical Center, on the car radio, they started interviewing Senator George Voinovich (Ohio Senator) about the problems the veterans are having applying for and receiving their benefits, especially completing the forms they are require to fill-out and mail to the VA. The Senator seems to think, the form should be changed because some of the questions are hard to answer. I will be sending some recommended changes to the VA in case they are looking for changes to some of the forms. On the return trip I heard the news about the VA Secretary James Nicholson resigning to go back to a civilian job. It could be positive if the veterans will enjoy more concern and better care and benefits.

I will not learn the outcome from this visit until all examinations are completed then they will send me a full report. In the veteran’s Blog I am reporting some things the vet can do to make the work easier: this is what may help!


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