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From Benefits To Business

Posted by James Jett on July 26, 2007

Now that I have submitted all the forms needed to make a decision about my status as a veteran, I will start preparing the paper work to get a business up and running. But first I need to review the things that should be completed now. Yes I have copies of all the papers from the military put away in a safe place for future reference. I am continuing the process of applying for all the medals, ribbons and badges that I am qualified to wear. The only one I do not have a source for is the RKPUC (Republic of Korea Presidential Unit Citation), so I need to talk with the VA to determine if they will issue it along with the others. If not, I can order them here for $25. – $35, depending on what I order and how it’s shipped. Before I pay for it, I will find out who is tasked with distributing it. I have farther complications because my records are destroyed by fire and I have to locate someone that can act as a witness to my aches and pains in the military.  Once I locate someone I can file a DD Form 149 Application For Correction Of Military Records

Just think back to the last election, between President Bush and Senator Kerry the big-to-do over time in the military and medals and ribbons. For me, the good part is people came out of the wood-works to declare Senator Kerry earned them, while others said he didn’t. I have no plan to run for President, but would like to leave my records intact for my Grandchildren. In case one of my granddaughters runs for president and state “My Grandfather and my uncle served in the Airborne in the Korean War I want her to have the records to prove it.

In a few weeks I will know if I qualify for fast track designation and will start identifying the other vets that can qualify if I have to file an appeal. The reason to start a business with others is because they will bring skills, education and experience to the table. And I will need people with all those assets, but I also need a veteran that has a disability or I must locate in a (HUB) Historically Underutilized Business Zone. My question is, can I accomplish that without locating in a brick and mortal store? Before I complete my business plan I want ot comsider all the combinations, joint ventures, contractual agreement, mijority ownership, Women ownership and others that will give me a level playing field to expand my business or get my company up and operating with help and support  from those departments tasked with that responsible. I am starting by getting a clear understand about these programs. Once I understand which one or combination will be to my advantage as a businessman I will setup my company with these people in my plans.


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