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Dental Service: Denied

Posted by James Jett on August 22, 2007

Yesterday I talked to the eligibility clerk concerning my need to see a dentist and she gave me the same information I received from the medical center, I could receive dental care only if I am totally blind or all the other things list on this dental eligibility page. I told her that I had dental insurance and that at the time I enrolled in the Veterans Administrations, or VA, health care program the people handling the enrollment process told me that I should keep my insurance and make sure that I bring the cards (insurance cards) with me each time I come for any treatments, because the VA has a right to charge the cost to my insurance, other than Medicare, VA cannot charge medicare but I should keep it in case I want to see a private physician; or I am traveling and no VA medical facilities are available.

My last question for her showed my concern for not being able to get care for my teeth when I am sure they needed care when I received my discharge from the army. Whom do I talk with about the fact that I needed care for my teeth when I was discharge and I think I was neglected at that time? She said that she could not handle that question and the only person she knew that can is Wayne Webb and his number is 513-475-6440. Well, I thanked the lady and called the number the recording said leave a massage and they would get back to me as soon as possible. The nice lady had just confirmed what I was finding to be true that if we veterans are going to get our benefits in a timely fashion, we better get a third party involved and the best third parties are the Veteran Service Organizations or VSOs. The answering service said this is the American Legion, so if you have needs or need some help to apply for your benefits or any thing you are requesting from the VA get some help by contacting a VSO to aid you in your efforts.

Maybe I should disclose that I am now a card-carrying member of a VSO, I received my card and Branch of Service Pen last week. The fact is I am only a member of the National Organization I am being referred to a local organization and that organization have the right of refusal so until they approve I am just a member of the National Organization. Before making the decision the local group should check the local news papers, because frankly I would not want to join a club if I was a member. (I know you have heard that one before). OK now I am serious again, the VA admits that 11 percent of the decisions they make are errors so you, the veteran should always appeal when denied a benefit or service.


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