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Embrace the truth, reject lies and edify character as an excellent virtue.

Business Trip: and HUB Zones in New Jersey!

Posted by James Jett on November 15, 2007

We traveled almost all day Sunday until 7:35 p.m. Sunday night, when we arrived in the great, the wonderful —well the state of New Jersey. My son and I with three Grandchildren less than nine years old and their mother made the trip in two cars. Their father drove my car and I rode with the three youngsters with the mother at the wheel. I had promise to drive, but she wouldn’t let me, some how, the parents of my grandchildren have decided to never let my wife and me drive if they are in the car. So I entertained the kids, kept the driver alert and enjoyed the rest stops. My plan was to leave the six months of clothes in the trunk of the car until Monday and unload them when we made room for them in the cloth closets. But my son pulled up in front of the garage and started to unload the car and I joined in and got almost everything in the house: just a few items on top of the Van in a container.  All my stuff to wear is in garment bags, each color is in a separate bag, so I know when I look for something if I don’t see it in that bag, it’s not here!  Now that I have the work area and living area in good shape I can spend the time on my reason for being here and that is the business expansions we have underway.

With four applications to the Federal Government, you can imagine the number of files I have out of my office in paper boxes waiting to be put in portable file holders. Our goal now is to provide the part of our service to the various governmental agencies, that  they can use in  their daily operations. As a small business we should take advantage of any and all special opportunities provide to businesses that can qualify. Including Disable Veteran-Owned Business, locating in a HUB or (Historically Underutilized Business Zone,) and any other legislated, mandated or designated programs that are in place to aid the small and minority business-owners in the noble effort of starting, buying, expanding or operating a business!


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