Truth Lies and Character

Embrace the truth, reject lies and edify character as an excellent virtue.


Posted by James Jett on November 29, 2011

To the Travelers that saw the Blue Brick Park Avenue in the ditch on I-65 South, and called for help: “THANK YOU” I really thank you!

I called Prattville State Troopers, in Prattville Alabama, to get a copy of the report on the Blue Brick in the ditch at the 198 mile marker on I-65 South. After reviewing the files, the State Troopers said no report on filed because no injury occurred to any person or damage to any property.

Please leave a comment if you saw this accident during or after it occurred. Did the car block the lanes, or did the driver stir it to the side of I-65 South with the car under total control, at all times.

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