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Business Contracts and HUB Zones

Posted by James Jett on November 22, 2007

Next Monday I will have been in New Jersey for a week, collecting phone numbers and addresses of the people and organizations I need to talk with about the business plans I have to expand and promote our businesses in the area. Our focus, presently, is on aiding other businesses and governments, manages and invests funds and, when needed, secure additional capital. We will talk to the VA or Veterans Administrations, VSO or Veterans Service Organizations and other groups and individuals that can provide information and support for our efforts.

I spent a day reviewing local HUB Zones or Historically Underutilized Business Zone and determined that our present office is not located in a HUB Zone. We can qualify if we employ most of the workers from a HUB Zone or we could be sub- contract, joint venture and other working agreement with a company or companies located in a HUB Zone. Tomorrow I will contact the VA and a VSO to see what information is available from them. Another site I am studying is the Federal Business Opportunity site where they give some very good examines on set-asides and other ways a company can qualify for governmental contracts.

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Business Trip: and HUB Zones in New Jersey!

Posted by James Jett on November 15, 2007

We traveled almost all day Sunday until 7:35 p.m. Sunday night, when we arrived in the great, the wonderful —well the state of New Jersey. My son and I with three Grandchildren less than nine years old and their mother made the trip in two cars. Their father drove my car and I rode with the three youngsters with the mother at the wheel. I had promise to drive, but she wouldn’t let me, some how, the parents of my grandchildren have decided to never let my wife and me drive if they are in the car. So I entertained the kids, kept the driver alert and enjoyed the rest stops. My plan was to leave the six months of clothes in the trunk of the car until Monday and unload them when we made room for them in the cloth closets. But my son pulled up in front of the garage and started to unload the car and I joined in and got almost everything in the house: just a few items on top of the Van in a container.  All my stuff to wear is in garment bags, each color is in a separate bag, so I know when I look for something if I don’t see it in that bag, it’s not here!  Now that I have the work area and living area in good shape I can spend the time on my reason for being here and that is the business expansions we have underway.

With four applications to the Federal Government, you can imagine the number of files I have out of my office in paper boxes waiting to be put in portable file holders. Our goal now is to provide the part of our service to the various governmental agencies, that  they can use in  their daily operations. As a small business we should take advantage of any and all special opportunities provide to businesses that can qualify. Including Disable Veteran-Owned Business, locating in a HUB or (Historically Underutilized Business Zone,) and any other legislated, mandated or designated programs that are in place to aid the small and minority business-owners in the noble effort of starting, buying, expanding or operating a business!


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Six Months Business Trip!!

Posted by James Jett on November 7, 2007

Tuesday, 6 November 2007

Every time I take a pen in hand (well so to speak) to write this post, I become aware of another problem. Yesterday driving home from the store, the lights in the car came on “change oil soon.” Three days before the exhaust fan kept running after I cut of the engine, problem? A bad relay switches! (Maybe) I will put the car in the shop today at 5:pm so they can have it ready Wednesday, because I will leave this weekend for the tri-state area around New York on a six-month business trip to help my son expand his business and start another business with me as a veteran-own company. If all goes well it could be complete in three months, but we planed for six so we have time to insure that everything is in place and operating smoothly.
The good news is I should be able to post at least four days per week, starting next week. All posts will be coming to you from the Eastern parts of these United States. Unless we get good weather and roads so we can come to Ohio for a quick visit in the next three months, if not, I will be reporting from the New Jersey area for the next six months.

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Applications: VA Forms 21-527,21-4142,21-8416,21-4138

Posted by James Jett on October 31, 2007

Well, I finally mailed all the forms in my application for compensation benefits for eye injury. In addition I am claiming more condition, since I applied for benefits on February 11, 1955 and the appeal period has expired and the decision was last. If I want the issues reconsider, I need to offer new material evidence. To qualify as new, the material  submitted to the VA for the first time, to be considered as “material evidence” it must relate to a established fact. The new and material evidence, considered with the evidence on record must raise a reasonable possibility that the conclusion will change.

With this information, I gather doctor reports about my medical conditions and the treatments provided for those conditions. It seems to me, my doctor visits clearly points out the facts that I went in the Naval Reserve, and the Army Airborne a healthy man and came out with slowly declining health. Because I had the best medical insurance at my places of employment, I received the proper treatments for my sicknesses. Now my insurance cost has skyrocketed and my income declined because a pension that should pay $500. Per month, now pay $12.40 per month! For this reason I enrolled in the VA Health Care Programs, enabling me to get treatment and medicine I need without going deeper in debt.

With my health condition, I applied for everything that health and income needs dictated, and will await the decision. To claim a non service-connected pensions I completed VA Form 21-527, most of that information is readily available on your 1099R, SSA-1099 and your current income tax statements. VA Form 21-4142 is where you list each visit to the doctor, hospital or clinic, using a form for each treatment. On VA Form 21-8416, I recorded all medical expenses all the way back to (in my case April 16, 2006) because that is the date I made my first application. These expenses, both,  medical and drug bills’ insurance did not pay. Example: health insurance, including Medicare; in addition private medical insurance, co-pay and deductibles. Once  completed, write a good statement supporting your claims. Make sure you sign everything requiring a signature. The last thing I had to complete was the Direct Deposit Information: Things like: Checking or Saving Account, Account Number, Name of financial institution and (last but important) Routing or Transit Number

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Working on Form 21-4142: Problem with Health App.

Posted by James Jett on October 12, 2007

While working on VA Form 21-4142, I received a letter stating that my 2005 income tax showed more income then I reported on the application for health care and my Priority Group will change to show the addition to my income unless I send a copy of the 2005 income tax and the 1099s from each income source. My first urge, find out why the numbers are not the same as my 1099 when that is exactly where I copied the figure from. Well, it turn out I somehow double the amount I received from my Social Security when preparing my income tax for that year. How did that happen? When I used one of the best software programs to report my income tax to the IRS, or Internal Revenue Service I made an error in reporting my income. My best guest is when I started to work on my taxes I told the program to start with 2004 figures because I knew there would be only a few changes. Since my Social Security increase for cost of living would be one figure that would change, I entered that figure and the amount was total for both years. An amendment will get me an extra refund amount. I have sent all the information to the VA and hope they see that the 1099 is as I reported on the application.

Now I am back on this VA Form 21-4142, that I must complete and return to the Tiger Team. They are processing my claim.Yes I have up to a year from the date of the letter requesting the information on the form. But I need to get this finish because I have a new assignment and it will need some long hours, because I will be setting up avenues to all Government related funding, concern mostly with countries other than the United States. The part of this Form I am concern about now that they have received Form 21-526 is the doctors that treated me for the health problems I am submitting this claim for. Making sure the VA can find the health records and get them from the places where I received health treatment. When I get this in the mail I should have some good news about my medical records! Stay tuned!

Since what I am working on is usually what I write about I hope to get more information posted in the future. Maintaining the rule, if it is not factual I will refuse to report it. For instance, the people you talk with when you want to do business in another country or set up a business in that country. Who will give funds for a startup business? Who will finance building roads, bridges and utilities like gas, water and electric? Starting now, I will contact all the States in this country and ask questions that will revel names, phone numbers and locations of the people to contact, and the best time to contact them.

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3 Nights: in Veteran Hospital

Posted by James Jett on September 6, 2007

On Friday 24 August 2007, I went to the Urgent Care Unit at the LOUIS STOKES CLEVELAND DEPARTMENT OF VETERANS AFFAIRS MEDICAL CENTER, or the Emergency Room, because of pressure in my Chest. I worked, outside in the garden on Wednesday in 91 degree heats and stayed inside all day the next day working on the computer. All day Thursday I had a tired feeling — a feeling like you have when you stay to long in the Hot Sun. Otherwise, I felt fine all day on Thursday. Friday morning I had scheduled computer work in the morning and back to the yard and garden that afternoon, but around 10:am I started to feel the pressure in my chest and my left arm a little stiff at times, and when I walked. It seems I was going to misstep or stagger. A problem I have when I smell something I am allergy to, like plant spray. Well: down stairs in the bathroom the showers have been removed and nothing is left but the drain hole and the strainer, so the sewer gases can get into the house if the waters in the trap get low. That had occurred in the garage when the water in the trap dried from the long hot summer without any rain. No one washes cars inside doing the summer so no water goes down the drain! This, I realized is a part of my health problem, and being out in the 91 degrees weather, two days ago was the major reason for my discomforts and if it doesn’t get better in the next hour I am going to the emergency.

I arrived at the hospital and went to check in as if I had an appointment and told the lady why I wanted to see a doctor and she told me to go to Urgent Care, when I got to the door someone met me with a wheel chair and asked “are you nurse-red” I almost answer no but before I did he said “are you having chest pains, get in the chair I take you in.” Once in on a bed they start doing the thing they do when someone comes in with chest pain or pressure. Len hooked me to the monitor and stated that Dr. Miller will see me soon! Because I was thinking about the other three times, I had been to an emergency I recalled it was Dr. Miller in Korea that said I am going to Evac you when I got injured in Korea. , No, it couldn’t be the same Dr. Miller that serve with me in Korea because he died, maybe three or four years ago? After reviewing all the information the doctor told me he was sure I didn’t have a problem with my heart but since I had pressure they would admit me for some other tests, so I ended up in the hospital!

Len took me up to the second floor, to my room and the people in the nursing unit took over and continued giving me yeoman care with concern. For the first time since I arrived at the hospital I could see outside and notice that black-night was falling, then I remembered I had not eaten since lunch. Already the nurse was trying to get food for me and get the tasks done that would aid in improving my health. That is why I am convinced that these people know what they are doing as far as the job assignments, they have been trained and given the information about the hospital that benefits the patients and the walk-ins. Because I needed to walk around the building to get the exercise, I needed to report my condition to the medical personnel; Each day I talked with the people cleaning the bathrooms and the building, all seem to know their jobs and did them with concern. One man on the elevator said “I’m proud to be apart of this building and its operation, it is time we got something.” Making sure I knew where to go to get the stress test I stopped by one of the VSOs or Veteran Service Organization and asked “where do I go to get a stress test” and he knew the exact direction, without “missing a beat.” After I finished the test and started back to my room I passed a unit, or an office: I didn’t look at the sign on the front, walking with my heart monitor in my hand, a young lady came out and ask me if I needed help and offered to take me to my room in a wheel chair. I explained that I had just taken a stress test and I feel fine, in fact I scored 93 on the test. Well Sarah (if I remember her name correctly) walked me to the Nurse’s station, while explaining that I was stubborn like her Father, then returned back to her duties. What concern for the patients!

At this stage in my life I am working hard — well, maybe I should say I am working smart and hard because my tasks require both physical and mental abilities. Therefore my health is very important to me that is why I payed so much attention to the care the medical staff provided. I did not see anything poorly done, but I was not looking for poor quality in any of the services I was provide, so I am reporting all good news: from here. Well just one compliant, If the VA can provide all the rooms with televisions I am positive they can provide for internet connection for a small added cost, I needed to pay bills and one of the payments went to the VA, yet the connection was so low I could not connect to the sites.

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Dental Service: Denied

Posted by James Jett on August 22, 2007

Yesterday I talked to the eligibility clerk concerning my need to see a dentist and she gave me the same information I received from the medical center, I could receive dental care only if I am totally blind or all the other things list on this dental eligibility page. I told her that I had dental insurance and that at the time I enrolled in the Veterans Administrations, or VA, health care program the people handling the enrollment process told me that I should keep my insurance and make sure that I bring the cards (insurance cards) with me each time I come for any treatments, because the VA has a right to charge the cost to my insurance, other than Medicare, VA cannot charge medicare but I should keep it in case I want to see a private physician; or I am traveling and no VA medical facilities are available.

My last question for her showed my concern for not being able to get care for my teeth when I am sure they needed care when I received my discharge from the army. Whom do I talk with about the fact that I needed care for my teeth when I was discharge and I think I was neglected at that time? She said that she could not handle that question and the only person she knew that can is Wayne Webb and his number is 513-475-6440. Well, I thanked the lady and called the number the recording said leave a massage and they would get back to me as soon as possible. The nice lady had just confirmed what I was finding to be true that if we veterans are going to get our benefits in a timely fashion, we better get a third party involved and the best third parties are the Veteran Service Organizations or VSOs. The answering service said this is the American Legion, so if you have needs or need some help to apply for your benefits or any thing you are requesting from the VA get some help by contacting a VSO to aid you in your efforts.

Maybe I should disclose that I am now a card-carrying member of a VSO, I received my card and Branch of Service Pen last week. The fact is I am only a member of the National Organization I am being referred to a local organization and that organization have the right of refusal so until they approve I am just a member of the National Organization. Before making the decision the local group should check the local news papers, because frankly I would not want to join a club if I was a member. (I know you have heard that one before). OK now I am serious again, the VA admits that 11 percent of the decisions they make are errors so you, the veteran should always appeal when denied a benefit or service.

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VA Form 21-4142 to Update VA Form 21-526

Posted by James Jett on August 15, 2007

Yesterday I received another package from the Department of Veterans Affairs: in the cover letter they tell me about the (Tiger Team) at the Cleveland Regional Office. This team will work on my claim and once it’s complete, it will be returned to the regional office in my home state. However they need additional information and evidence in addition to the information submitted with Form 21-526 in which I rightfully claim all the injuries and ailments as a result of being in combat in the Korean War. In the 22-page-package, I am to complete and submit 12 pages of information on VA Form 21-4142 about my injuries and what treatment I receive and where?

This is the problem Senator George Voinovich (Ohio) discussed on the radio the day I went for my eye examination. Much work and hard One questions about your service and in my case the total record was destroyed while in the care of the Federal Government. question ask you to tell the VA how many time your present spouse have been and where and when did he/she get married? This process can and sometime do take months before you get a decision. The VA states correctly when they say that I was notified on February 11, 1955 that my claim had been denied. Almost every time I went to see my private doctors I told them why I had the leg pains and problems with my eyes and nose. In the addendum to Form 21-526 I explained why I didn’t appeal in 1955 and why I waited 55 years before applying for benefits: the reason? I had insurance so I could see my doctors as my health needs required. Senator Voinovich said that these forms should be made easier and the questions should not be so difficult, or at least could be made easier in some cases.

It will take me all of next week to complete Form 21-4142, because they want the name and address of the doctors and hospitals that treated me for the health problems that I list on the form. Yes, I am agreeing with the Senator this is hard work when you have to give the phone number and address of your doctors fifty years ago. My wife read and article in the Plain Dealer newspaper, in the article the reporters follow a disabled veteran’s application for financial aid for his wife because she had to help him because of his service connected injuries, the VA denied the request until a VSO (Veteran Service Organization) got involved. My wife said that the VA approved it and stated that the single person (at the VA) that reviewed the application made a mistake, so now the Veteran’s wife will receive the benefits. The VA admits that the mistake is 12 to 15 percent. The recommendations, always appeal and join a VSO, they get the job done for you.

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From Benefits To Business

Posted by James Jett on July 26, 2007

Now that I have submitted all the forms needed to make a decision about my status as a veteran, I will start preparing the paper work to get a business up and running. But first I need to review the things that should be completed now. Yes I have copies of all the papers from the military put away in a safe place for future reference. I am continuing the process of applying for all the medals, ribbons and badges that I am qualified to wear. The only one I do not have a source for is the RKPUC (Republic of Korea Presidential Unit Citation), so I need to talk with the VA to determine if they will issue it along with the others. If not, I can order them here for $25. – $35, depending on what I order and how it’s shipped. Before I pay for it, I will find out who is tasked with distributing it. I have farther complications because my records are destroyed by fire and I have to locate someone that can act as a witness to my aches and pains in the military.  Once I locate someone I can file a DD Form 149 Application For Correction Of Military Records

Just think back to the last election, between President Bush and Senator Kerry the big-to-do over time in the military and medals and ribbons. For me, the good part is people came out of the wood-works to declare Senator Kerry earned them, while others said he didn’t. I have no plan to run for President, but would like to leave my records intact for my Grandchildren. In case one of my granddaughters runs for president and state “My Grandfather and my uncle served in the Airborne in the Korean War I want her to have the records to prove it.

In a few weeks I will know if I qualify for fast track designation and will start identifying the other vets that can qualify if I have to file an appeal. The reason to start a business with others is because they will bring skills, education and experience to the table. And I will need people with all those assets, but I also need a veteran that has a disability or I must locate in a (HUB) Historically Underutilized Business Zone. My question is, can I accomplish that without locating in a brick and mortal store? Before I complete my business plan I want ot comsider all the combinations, joint ventures, contractual agreement, mijority ownership, Women ownership and others that will give me a level playing field to expand my business or get my company up and operating with help and support  from those departments tasked with that responsible. I am starting by getting a clear understand about these programs. Once I understand which one or combination will be to my advantage as a businessman I will setup my company with these people in my plans.

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Compensation and Pension

Posted by James Jett on July 19, 2007

After I completed and mailed in Form 21-526 applying for pension and compensation the VA responded with a letter (dated 07/11/2007) instructing me to come in for an eye examination at the Louis Stokes Brecksville VA Medical Center. Since it’s located on the West side of the city of Cleveland OH and I live East of the city I had two options, I could drive to Brecksville or I could drive to the Medical Center on the Eastside and use the bus service to get to my appointment. For a 9:am appointment I opted to drive, leave at 7:15 and avoid the morning traffic. Without any backup in the traffic I arrived early and enjoyed a good walk for thirty minutes and made sure I was at the right building. With time to spare, I took my time reporting, thinking I would be first and would walk in, report my present and await the Doctor visit. Someone told me the Eye Clinic is on the second floor, then he said “come I will show you” we took the elevator to the second floor and he pointed down the hall toward the clinic. The lady at the clinic looked at my ID and said “you have to go over to Comp (Compensation and Pension) and get your records bring them back here for your exam I will tell the Doctor you are here. Just go down stairs out the door over to Building # two. On the elevator another vet said he was going over and would show me the Comp office. The lady at Comp asked for my ID and last-four, meaning my Social Security, she gave me a green bag, looked like a lady’s bag, with a metal bar across the top and halfway down each end, with a lock at top center and a place for a key to open it. The size would hold a letter size page with room to spare. As I took the bag she said “take this over and give it to them, they will keep it but when you are finish come back here for a little mileage. Once I completed the exam I returned to Comp; picked up a slip took it to an office, after entering some information in the computer they paid me $6.83 cash. A lot of running around and a lot of people to see: that is a good thing about VA Medical Centers someone is always willing to show you the location even if they hear you asking someone and that person don’t have the answer, they will give you the directions without you asking them. This was my third VA Medical Center, in three cities, in two states. And they are very large buildings so the aid they provide in getting you to your appointment can be classified as yeoman service.

On my way to the Medical Center, on the car radio, they started interviewing Senator George Voinovich (Ohio Senator) about the problems the veterans are having applying for and receiving their benefits, especially completing the forms they are require to fill-out and mail to the VA. The Senator seems to think, the form should be changed because some of the questions are hard to answer. I will be sending some recommended changes to the VA in case they are looking for changes to some of the forms. On the return trip I heard the news about the VA Secretary James Nicholson resigning to go back to a civilian job. It could be positive if the veterans will enjoy more concern and better care and benefits.

I will not learn the outcome from this visit until all examinations are completed then they will send me a full report. In the veteran’s Blog I am reporting some things the vet can do to make the work easier: this is what may help!

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