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Medical Records, Benefits:Hard to Get!

Posted by James Jett on June 7, 2008

Two days ago the electricity shut down blanketing the North East area of Ohio. Power was off for at least five hours and was back on at 2.27pm as promised. Neighbors on this street, including me, first surmised it was just the house where they lived.  With both a Desktop and a Laptop computer, I was not able to get on the internet. I could not go on line and look up information, nor could I look for information about Record Retention and stored medical records from decease doctors and hospitals and clinics that have long since closed their doors.

With no place to look I made a list of offices to call and ask them who I should talk with to find the medical records that the VA or Veterans Administration asked me to submit to support my claims. First, I wanted  to go to the Stokes VA Medical Center in Cleveland OH because there I would find the VSO or Veterans Service Office offices that deal with this problem every day.  When I got started on this quest for medical records today, I decided to call the Ohio Medical Board and went to the web site to get a name or number and contact someone about records retention and medical records’ storage. On that site I did not see a number to call so I move to the site of the Attorney General of Ohio where I found a number, dial it and talked to a lady she said the Ohio Medical Board would be my best bet, that is when I knew I should go to the Stokes VA Medical Center in Cleveland, Ohio and talk with some VSO officers, a person that deals with these problems daily.  There I will get help with my problem. My concern now, what if I fail to locate the records, will my claims be denied for like of support? Where do I go from here, I will ask for the answers to this question Monday?

Yesterday I called the Department of Veterans Affairs to make sure I am represented by The American Legion as my Clamant’s Representative, at first she said it is not on the screen, but later it appeared on the screen. In the conversation she stated with emphasis that it takes from six months to a year to get your pension or compensation started and that’s from the time it is received in that office. Which do not include the time it takes to receive it and get it in the hands of the responsible person? Now I understand why it takes up to twenty-four months (some times more) for some veterans to receive any benefits. Then I told her that my claims were processed by The Tiger Team and she said “I am noting that on here now, they are working on your claim!”Another point, the VA tells you that you can receive Compensation or a Pension, but not both at the same time. You will receive the one that pays more to the veteran, but I told her that I had to make sure I am qualified for both, or that in my case is not true. Further more, if you are receiving a pension you have no way of knowing how much you will receive in Compensation unil you are Rated by the Rating Board, only then they know which will pay the most. My point, make sure you are claiming everything you are qualified for so you can be paid the highs benefits of the two plans.

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Working on Form 21-4142: Problem with Health App.

Posted by James Jett on October 12, 2007

While working on VA Form 21-4142, I received a letter stating that my 2005 income tax showed more income then I reported on the application for health care and my Priority Group will change to show the addition to my income unless I send a copy of the 2005 income tax and the 1099s from each income source. My first urge, find out why the numbers are not the same as my 1099 when that is exactly where I copied the figure from. Well, it turn out I somehow double the amount I received from my Social Security when preparing my income tax for that year. How did that happen? When I used one of the best software programs to report my income tax to the IRS, or Internal Revenue Service I made an error in reporting my income. My best guest is when I started to work on my taxes I told the program to start with 2004 figures because I knew there would be only a few changes. Since my Social Security increase for cost of living would be one figure that would change, I entered that figure and the amount was total for both years. An amendment will get me an extra refund amount. I have sent all the information to the VA and hope they see that the 1099 is as I reported on the application.

Now I am back on this VA Form 21-4142, that I must complete and return to the Tiger Team. They are processing my claim.Yes I have up to a year from the date of the letter requesting the information on the form. But I need to get this finish because I have a new assignment and it will need some long hours, because I will be setting up avenues to all Government related funding, concern mostly with countries other than the United States. The part of this Form I am concern about now that they have received Form 21-526 is the doctors that treated me for the health problems I am submitting this claim for. Making sure the VA can find the health records and get them from the places where I received health treatment. When I get this in the mail I should have some good news about my medical records! Stay tuned!

Since what I am working on is usually what I write about I hope to get more information posted in the future. Maintaining the rule, if it is not factual I will refuse to report it. For instance, the people you talk with when you want to do business in another country or set up a business in that country. Who will give funds for a startup business? Who will finance building roads, bridges and utilities like gas, water and electric? Starting now, I will contact all the States in this country and ask questions that will revel names, phone numbers and locations of the people to contact, and the best time to contact them.

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