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Work Loads, Business Tasks and Progress

Posted by James Jett on November 24, 2009

The last twelve months have been time-consuming, leaving very little time for writing  and posting  content.  In the last six months, my job has been to transfer three years of a company’s accounts from paper too electronic, without any changes in the account names or amounts. Since the accounting records needed for the funding application is important,  each day is consume working on the accounts, leaving no time for posting or pleasure.
With the accounting work complete, I loaded my car and transported myself to Ohio. Once here, I went to work on the landscaping required to get the yard back in shape, after the County of Lake, installed a new water line and used my parking space on the side of the garage as off-street parking with the promise they would do all  needed repairs, to make it whole again. That work is still pending, but I spoke to Lake County’s Project Engineer, and agreed that I will write a letter to the contractor and let them know that I expect them to keep the agreement.
All the business concerns, health matters requiring care, and the house and yard needing much care, consumed every hour in the day.  Add  the time getting my computer repaired, and working with my Grand kids  parents to get the girls started in swimming and playing Soccer, seem to exceed the hours in a day!
Now we are back, ready to write posts and pages, telling every business effort we engaged in, successes and failures. Yes, I mean tell-all, in some detail. Always making sure, I honor all NDA agreements. (Non Disclosures Agreements). Why tell-all? We are in business, starting, expanding and growing businesses. They asked to come on board because my associates got burned on three large contracts.  You can see why, people in this business dislike dishonesty and will help each other avoid getting burned by someone trying to get enough information by talking to you, and get a contract with a buddy or friend because now they can do it themselves. “ Proceed with caution.  This stuff occurs every day.”

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No Password Required To Read Post!

Posted by James Jett on November 26, 2007

They are reporting here that the post Earned Revenue: Not Prostituting requires a password, well I checked and it did, but it shouldn’t because no posts on any of my Blogs require a password. In the future some material may require a password, but for now all is required of the reader is that you quote me correctly and make sure you give credit to the Author of that post, and to the Blog it’s posted in. Other than that, you are free to make use of any facts or procedures you read about in the posts. And there are no limits to the number of time that you visit any of the Blogs. If you encounter a problem accessing any posts on these Blogs please let me know and I will correct it immediately!

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Applications: VA Forms 21-527,21-4142,21-8416,21-4138

Posted by James Jett on October 31, 2007

Well, I finally mailed all the forms in my application for compensation benefits for eye injury. In addition I am claiming more condition, since I applied for benefits on February 11, 1955 and the appeal period has expired and the decision was last. If I want the issues reconsider, I need to offer new material evidence. To qualify as new, the material  submitted to the VA for the first time, to be considered as “material evidence” it must relate to a established fact. The new and material evidence, considered with the evidence on record must raise a reasonable possibility that the conclusion will change.

With this information, I gather doctor reports about my medical conditions and the treatments provided for those conditions. It seems to me, my doctor visits clearly points out the facts that I went in the Naval Reserve, and the Army Airborne a healthy man and came out with slowly declining health. Because I had the best medical insurance at my places of employment, I received the proper treatments for my sicknesses. Now my insurance cost has skyrocketed and my income declined because a pension that should pay $500. Per month, now pay $12.40 per month! For this reason I enrolled in the VA Health Care Programs, enabling me to get treatment and medicine I need without going deeper in debt.

With my health condition, I applied for everything that health and income needs dictated, and will await the decision. To claim a non service-connected pensions I completed VA Form 21-527, most of that information is readily available on your 1099R, SSA-1099 and your current income tax statements. VA Form 21-4142 is where you list each visit to the doctor, hospital or clinic, using a form for each treatment. On VA Form 21-8416, I recorded all medical expenses all the way back to (in my case April 16, 2006) because that is the date I made my first application. These expenses, both,  medical and drug bills’ insurance did not pay. Example: health insurance, including Medicare; in addition private medical insurance, co-pay and deductibles. Once  completed, write a good statement supporting your claims. Make sure you sign everything requiring a signature. The last thing I had to complete was the Direct Deposit Information: Things like: Checking or Saving Account, Account Number, Name of financial institution and (last but important) Routing or Transit Number

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Business Meetings, Selecting and Operations

Posted by James Jett on April 19, 2007

First phone calls, than meetings to plan for a business environment that is safe for customers. It started Saturday where we discussed building and operating in large cities. We looked at a few minutes of firm watching “Blood on The Carpet,” next. We made video to show that this media fits into to days business operations. We discussed the political impact on the trades, housing site, entertainment and recreation. Something I must admit came as a surprise to me and that is group opposition, they oppose the site, or the size, or just want the project totally rejected.

With all the changing neighborhoods, changing lifestyles, add to all this corrupt Politicians and Shady contractors; you know to plan well and have your wits about and be alert in all your contracting and subcontracts. Saturday I spoke by phone to one of Charles’s associates, in charge of the Native American Gaming Site that his company is developing in another state. This assures me that they are capable of working in most states. In the conversation Russel said that when they build a gaming center, they will  have the ability to train the members in the Tribe in skills other than those required to work for the gaming center. This prevents them from becoming dependent on the gaming Center!

Charles, back from his trip to China arranged a meeting with Bob Dean, LONE RANGER he is the Reporter that compiled some of the information that landed some Contractors in jail. Charles and I spoke with Bob on the phone about the vast number of problems, in Cleveland, with the Construction trades. Now we can avoid the bad guys and work with the good contractors. This is a good result because we avoid getting in the middle of a building project and have the contractor hauled off to jailed and locked up because Reporter Bob Dean’s good reports finally reach the hand of someone who believe in the laws and follow them. Bob Dean. Charles and I will meet at Bob’s house this Sunday evening. Yes we will talk about problems in the Building Trades: Charles will have the other part of the agenda. These face to face meeting started Saturday, then Sunday and Monday and continued by phone until today.

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Veterans, Business, Blogging

Posted by James Jett on March 7, 2007

After reviewing the posts on this Blog over the weekend, to decide if I should continue this Blog, I concluded I will continue Blogging. After consultant with the Veterans in my family, they feel this is the best procedure to use in my effort to find some one that serviced in Korea with me in Company “L”, 187th Airborne Regimental Combat Team. Also, we all agree, this is the best place to store the information, so all can get access to it, if some one has questions about the information I am posting. And we do see a benefit in the business opportunities, burial requirements and safe guarding military records.

Just watch the news about the veteran’s benefits and the rights mandated in the enabling legislation. The VA has the assigned duties and responsibility for implementing the programs for the veterans, with no other tasks, yet neglecting to do so in Walter Reed Hospital and in the combat areas. No time, will be wasted, in getting all the problems, met by the people in the military, solved, and with all delivery speed.

Once I get the book from the library and post the other two companies that is operating on-line, the business organizational planing will be complete. Then we will work on working plans. To began and get a good start on the working plans click here and follow the plan on the page. If this link fail click SCORE in the Blogroll, then select Registering Your Small Business from the Posts. This is all the rules for registering with the Federal Government. When I get started I will post my steps on a Page named “Registering”, with any other information I glean in the mean time.

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