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Business Contracts and HUB Zones

Posted by James Jett on November 22, 2007

Next Monday I will have been in New Jersey for a week, collecting phone numbers and addresses of the people and organizations I need to talk with about the business plans I have to expand and promote our businesses in the area. Our focus, presently, is on aiding other businesses and governments, manages and invests funds and, when needed, secure additional capital. We will talk to the VA or Veterans Administrations, VSO or Veterans Service Organizations and other groups and individuals that can provide information and support for our efforts.

I spent a day reviewing local HUB Zones or Historically Underutilized Business Zone and determined that our present office is not located in a HUB Zone. We can qualify if we employ most of the workers from a HUB Zone or we could be sub- contract, joint venture and other working agreement with a company or companies located in a HUB Zone. Tomorrow I will contact the VA and a VSO to see what information is available from them. Another site I am studying is the Federal Business Opportunity site where they give some very good examines on set-asides and other ways a company can qualify for governmental contracts.

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