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A judge is banding:

Posted by James Jett on April 18, 2008

These countries and special interest groups seem to be willing to use a broad brush to correct or stop things they consider to be offensive or illegal, but call it unfair when the same rules are used to judge or correct their action or statements. Actions that endanger the life of citizens in this country when goods are shipped here that contain lead in the finished product or foods that have harmful substance in it because the people preparing it had little regards for our health and well being.
For instance, I am told that I cannot send email to China if I want to converse with one of the residents about the trafficking in body parts where the body parts come from a person in that country that is still alive and are not ready to die! In many countries I cannot assemble a group of willing people in a park and discuss the removal of the present elected officials from office without having someone question my right to do it, or tell me the penalty if I fail to stop. The fact that I have done it many times, for many years in this country means nothing to the people in other counties that is determine to diner rights and freedoms to the people living in those countries.
Because I am aware of the things listed above, I am not shocked, when I read in Lorelle’s Blog that is or will be banded by a judge in Brazil because one person published something that the officials object to, or is offended by a nude picture published in someone blog! Well, I will never tell another country how to enforce its laws as long as those laws pertain to the citizens in that country. However, if the enforcement of those laws attempts to cut off or shut down my rights or freedoms I will take action base on my rights as a citizen in the United States of America, be it boycotting your products imported to my country, find another country to vacation in, and open a dialog with you about justice and punishment. All ways leaving the meeting with the promise that I will never remain silent if speaking will help and I will always act when action is required. Within the last weeks, Charleston Heston, one of the best actors I have seen, died. And I will paraphrase him here, when he said he was “quoting a die white man.” I will do the same by paraphrasing Patrick Henry “give me liberty, or give me death”

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