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Stimulus, Business and Funding

Posted by James Jett on March 10, 2009

We were funded by an associate. The operation costs were billed and paid each month. When the economy went bad, we were told that we had to get a bridge loan, they could no longer afford the payments. With a $1.5 million bridge loan, we can complete the work necessary to get the information to the Investment Bankers so they can market the stocks and bonds and provide the operation capital and pay the balance on the land. The employees are not working because we cannot pay them! Two are working with the promise that we are going to secure funds for expenses and salaries.

As I read this legislation about the Stimulus funds, it seems a business short on operation funds like ours will fall through the cracks! We have $2 billion account we are well into securing commitments for the architect to design the buildings. Tiger Wood is considering designing  the golf courses. The project is out of country, but seven workers are in the US and one is in the UK. The other project is here in the United States, a Native American casino and education Center.

I called SBA and she could not give me the person I could meet within my area because my phone area code is not listed! “She said.” I ask the person that order the phone and he said “it is because I have a New York area code,” I have no problem using the phone so I was not aware that (646) is an NY area code. I registered on line, and email it to the SBA, I will follow up next week! If you are seeking funds via federal, state, county and other local government entities, here is where I started: first I went on line and completed everything I could for federal funds, grants and other benefits. Next, I contact the state, and apply for the right to bid on set-asides and funds ear marked for small businesses, and in my case the states ask me what county I was in and gave the number to call so I could apply for funds to keep the business going until we can complete our funding efforts.

Will I post my progress in this effort? Yes. Will I give the governmental agency that funds our business efforts? Yes. Why? Because that is what we do, we work hard daily to get businesses up and running because I believe: A Small American Business is The Only American Business!

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