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Completed Apps: in the hands of Rating Board

Posted by James Jett on January 3, 2008

My application for Compensation, Pension and Disability is in the hands of the Rating Board. The Tiger Team said that all the medical reports are in and was forwarded with the applications. While I wait, I keep considering the things that could delay the process, like a letter to my home address telling me to go and get a physical on that part of my body that sustained an injury or a wound doing my service in the military. Since I am out of town and no one is home the letter would stay in the Post Office until I returned, so I called and told them my new phone number and will give them this address if needed. Hopefully the exams I took when in the hospital will answer any questions about the ailments we are concern with, in this rating.

The good news, even if I am rated zero disability as far as compensation is concern I will still be a disabled veteran and can apply for any benefit in a business operation that any other vet. Qualify for, if all other requirements are met. This was confirmed in a phone talk when I call the toll-free line to the Veterans Administration or VA and told the person answering the phone that I wanted to register as a disabled veteran so I could get help with contracts for the business that I will become the owner of 51 percent. And he said you cannot declare yourself disabled the VA has to do that, so just wait until they have finished the rating. Well I find that easy to do because one thing about the Tiger Team they don’t foot-drag or half-step when they work on an application. He (the man on the phone) said that the Tiger Team sometime have a turn-around-time less than sixty days. When the average application take from six months to a year.

Now that I have all the benefits applied for I will make sure we have the proper business model for the services we provide and the markets we will pursue. To accomplish this, I am answer question on the software program then I will give it to a lawyer to review and make sure it will travel from state to state. The forms that I completed and the sources for the information to complete them will be posted on Veterans: Business, Benefits and Burial, in detail so you will be working from a correct and completed application. I will include every step I took to avoid delays and to try and prove that I should be awarded the benefits I applied for because the proof is in the submitted forms.

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